Why Your Company Needs a Wide Format Printer

Firms today have been cutting costs like crazy and doing almost anything they can to save money. With competition so fierce, anything that can help companies one-up their competitors is seen as a golden opportunity.

One of the most expensive areas for any business is their print environment. Here’s what managers should know about the benefits of having a wide-format printer and how it can make businesses more efficient while driving down costs.

What are Wide-Format Printers and What can they do?

Wide-format printers are far from the average printer; these are production printers. They can produce much broader pages. Formats this wide can be anything from architectural schematics to advertising banners. Neither of these can be created with a standard printer.

What Are the Advantages of Having a Wide Format Printer?

As a business, having a wide format printer can be particularly advantageous. Usually, anything that was too wide to print with a standard printer would be outsourced to a third-party print shop. While print shops can undoubtedly deliver in terms of quality, they represent a significant and ultimately unnecessary expense.

The markup that’s paid to these third-party print shops can be skirted simply by owning a wide format printer. Meaning that all of the money that has been going out to print shops can go right back into the coffers where it belongs.

Unlike third-party print shops, a wide format production printer is an investment, one that will pay itself off many times over in cost savings. Another benefit of having a wide format printer is that it makes businesses appear more professional.

Achieve the Same High-Quality Image Printing That Print Shops Deliver, with Wide Format Printers

One of the best parts about using a wide format printer is that it can achieve the same level of image print quality that is typical of third-party print shops. The reason for this is that they use primarily the same equipment.  

Instead of being charged to use it every time, the wide format printer will be an asset that can be used to produce exceptional imagery at a fraction of the cost.

The ability to produce high-quality image printing is especially valuable to marketing departments. Marketing teams use wide format printers to produce graphic-rich posters and banners that pop. The rich imagery helps attract customers. When it comes to banner and poster production for marketing purposes, inferior print quality is not an option. 

What Are Some of the Best Performing Brands for Wide-Format Printers?

When shopping for a wide format printer, it can be hard to know exactly what to look for. Some manufacturers handle the production of wide-format printers better than others; here are the best brands to shop for a production printer.

  • Canon – this printing giant is well known for quality, and that’s no different when it comes to wide format printers.
  • HP – known for high print quality and speed as well as superior security features, HP is always a solid choice in wide format printers.
  • KIP – is another excellent option for anyone looking for a cost effective, high quality wide format printer. KIP technology leads in performance, reliability, value and low cost of operation.

Choosing the Right Partner in Wide Format Production Printers

After deciding on a brand of wide-format printers, the next step is to find the right vendor to work with. With so many vendors on the market, making a decision can be difficult. There are several important factors to take into consideration when buying a wide format printer.

First of all, the vendors’ reputation is outstanding. Don’t dive into a purchase before doing some homework on the vendor. Wide-format printers are a serious investment. Purchasers must get it right from the beginning as companies will be expecting to get many years of use out of these machines to justify the expense.

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