Why FMAudit is The Print Fleet Management Solution

Keeping track of printing operations can help companies reduce costs and establish greater oversight over their fleet of devices. FMAudit provides organizations with the ability to track all prints on any device consistently and accurately. Using automation to track and report on print volumes and usage information, FMAudit gives businesses insight into its current practices. They can then use this data to know where they can make changes to save money on printer and copier costs.

As a software solution, FMAudit collects information directly from the device, providing accurate and complete records of every print job. The application collects all print data reliably and efficiently, making it an effective print management solution. FMAudit collects device information, including status and usage. Companies can deploy FMAudit for their internal print management requirements or as part of a Managed Print Services (MPS) solution.

Why FMAudit is Important for Print Management

Managing a fleet of devices in a print environment can be challenging. If the fleet consists of devices sourced at different times and from a variety of manufacturers, technicians need to have a complex set of skills and capabilities. Using a software solution that is easy to deploy helps to streamline the process, automate many of the tasks, and allows for scheduling reports in advance.

The cost of not managing a print environment can escalate quickly. By 2014, the EPA reported that the average office employee uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year. At the same time, 27% of all waste is paper waste. In organizations, estimates put as much as 17% of all prints as wasteful practices. To reduce these runaway costs, companies can use FMAudit.

Benefits of Using FMAudit for Monitoring Print Operations

With FMAudit, companies can deploy the modules to track information coming from a variety of devices and locations. Using this information, the company can change its print policies to reduce waste, eliminate misuse, and monitor future operations effectively. With a controlled print environment, the business can reduce their operational overheads and ensure organization-wide compliance with company policies.

How FMAudit Works to Improve Print Operations

FMAudit comes in four modules. Each of these works together to monitor printing operations, collect information, and establish control over the printer fleet in a variety of environments. Using a physical process to collect, report, and control the print environment’s statistics can be challenging while also overburdening the company’s resources. FMAudit helps streamline these processes and automate the majority of print management functions in an office. The four modules available from FMAudit are listed below.

FMAudit Onsite Module

As the core engine, FMAudit Onsite is a user-deployed software solution that identifies all networked imaging devices. It will detect all printing equipment on the business’s information network, including copiers, printers, and Multifunction Devices (MFDs). The module uses the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to acquire device information and extracts information using the exact architecture as per the specific model’s requirements.

FMAudit WebAudit Module

Opposed to the FMAudit Onsite module, the WebAudit deployment doesn’t require any software installation. Once a technician sets up the service, the company can use a webpage that uses ActiveX controls to scan the printing environment. All information the website gathers goes back to the company using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted connection.

FMAudit Agent Module

For printers that don’t have a Local Area Network (LAN) cable or Wi-Fi capability, FMAudit Agent monitors devices that use USB, Parallel Ports, Infrared, or Bluetooth connectivity. The service sits on the workstation until activated to include all printing operations in the reports. During a scheduled meter collection task (using FMAudit Onsite or WebAudit modules), the service connects to the device and extracts the required information. FMAudit Agent is perfect for workstations with dedicated printers.

FMAudit Central Module

To centralize the management of devices, FMAudit Central is a way to deploy, update, and manage all devices on the network or connected to a networked PC. It streamlines the installation of the different modules, centralizes the collection of information, and enables analysts to generate the necessary reports. The company can use this information to establish new print policies on their devices and ensure staff doesn’t abuse company printers or copiers.

Managed Print Services with FMAudit and James Imaging Systems

Controlling a fleet of printers is a complex process, and if done incorrectly, can influence the company’s bottom line as it creeps into revenues. Knowing which device, department, or user is responsible for the bulk of printing expenses is valuable information for any organization. Deploying FMAudit to manage a company’s print environment will establish comprehensive monitoring capabilities over any fleet of devices.

James Imaging Systems have a team of digital experts that help organizations deploy modern technologies for improved business operations. We can assist with Managed Print Services that use FMAudit as a centralized reporting, deployment, and monitoring solution. Regaining control over a runaway print environment is a viable way to reduce operational costs, increase efficiencies, and ensure staff comply with company policies.

For more information about FMAudit’s capabilities or if you want to reduce copier costs using Managed Print Services, contact James Imaging Systems.