What Is Managed Print Services?

Businesses competing in today’s fierce market need an edge to stay ahead. Everyone has something, and managed print services are can make a difference. Here’s what firms should know about managed print services, what they are, and why they need them.

What Are Managed Print Services?

Managed print services are special services designed for managing a firm’s print environments and optimizing them for maximum efficiency. Not only do managed print services make a firm’s printing operations markedly more efficient, using these services can save many businesses a lot of money.

Benefits of Managed Print Services

1. Managed Print Services Can Reduce Costs

There is a wide variety of ways that businesses can benefit from managed print services and cost savings is one of the most compelling. Here’s what managers need to know about how managed print services can save them money.

Lower Print Volumes, More Efficient Outputs

Managed print service can help reduce costs by managing print volumes to generate more efficient outputs. Firms should aim at lowing print volumes to make their operations more efficient. A reliable MPS can help with this.

Optimized Device Placement

Office space is valuable, which means it pays to be strategic when placing equipment. Inefficient equipment layouts can create expensive bottlenecks.

Firms bogged down with too many clunky devices in their print rooms that could be consolidated. Using MFPs, or multifunction printers, for instance, can save space by combining the functions of multiple devices in one. Instead of having a copier in one room and a printer in another, one can have a single machine capable of performing both tasks.

Consumables Inventory

An MPS can make considerable improvements to the management of consumables inventory. Leading managed print services like James Imaging actively monitor printing supplies and can order supplies before office printers run out of ink, toner, or paper.

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2. Reduce or Eliminate IT Support with a Managed Print Environment

Another major advantage of managed print services is that they can make it possible for firms to cut or eliminate their IT support staff altogether. Doing so can greatly reduce company expenditure. Think about how much hosting full-time, in-house IT professionals cost. Not only are hefty salaries doled out, these positions typically come with generous benefits packages as well. The opportunity to have the equivalent to the power of a full IT support team for a fraction of the cost is a golden opportunity.

3. Simplify Consumables, Inventory, and Expenses

Printing operations burn through consumables and represent a headache for inventory, not to mention the considerable expenses that printing generates. A managed print service can alleviate these headaches with predictive analytics.

Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Auto-Ship the Right Consumable at the Right Time

Predictive analytics can make it easy for firms to manage their inventory, consumables, and also helps facilitate no error orders.

Just In Time Supplies Inventory

Inventory supplies can be ordered and managed at the right time every time, with predictive analytics features offered by managed services.

No Ordering Errors

No order errors are another major benefit of using predictive analytics that every firm should be taking advantage of. With the capability made so readily available, there’s no excuse not to use it.

4. Budget Predictability for Hardware and Consumables

Managers love and crave anything that can make budgets more predictable. Analytics can be applied here too and make budgets not only more predictable, but also more efficient. These advantages are powerful and the cost savings can help firms soar past their competitors.

5. Environmental Sustainability with Cartridge Recycling

One of the added benefits of using a managed print service is that they help make going green easy for firms looking to improve their environmental footprint. The modern consumer has become extremely concerned about the state of the environment and reflect this concern in their purchasing decisions.

Businesses that make a visible and active effort to conserve natural resources and reduce the amount of material sent to landfills stand out and make an attractive choice for today’s eco-conscious consumer. 53% of consumers prefer to buy from firms that practice environmental sustainability.

The good news is, practicing environmental sustainability can actually reduce print costs. By using an MPS and engaging in toner cartridge recycling, print costs can be greatly reduced, especially when using remanufactured cartridges.

Leaders like James Imaging Systems can save businesses in manufacturing 40% on print costs. That adds up to a significantly better potential bottom line.

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