Using Optical Character Recognition with Psigen

Perhaps one of the most mundane, time-sucking activities people do in their day-to-day work is transcribing data from one document to another. While this is important work, it’s not exactly the type of work businesses pay their employees for. Employees are paid for creativity, problem solving, as well as other advanced skills. Copying data from a form to input somewhere else wastes valuable time of one of the most important assets within a business; the employees.

Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is designed to help lift this type of mundane work off the plates of people and offload it onto an automated system that can ultimately help businesses save time and money by becoming up to 400% more efficient. Here’s how OCR from Psigen is helping businesses modernize their operations.

Automate Repetitive Workflows

Repetitive tasks take up a lot of time out of an employee’s day. In fact, studies suggest employees could be saving up to 2 hours per day with automation. This may come as a shock to some but it’s easy to see how a few simple tasks, repeated several times per day, multiplied by an entire work week, over an entire year can add up to a lot of valuable time lost. Not only does this mean businesses are paying their employees to do simple, menial work but it also means employees will be left unfulfilled by their work and more likely to seek employment elsewhere.

With OCR, some of the most mind numbing, repetitive tasks can be automated. Everything from transcribing sales orders to processing invoices can be automated and help save valuable time and effort on the part of paid staff. This leaves them to do work that they can make the most difference in and, ultimately, help businesses get the best value for their payroll dollars. 

OCR works by scanning documents for words, phrases, and data that it can instantly transfer into the form or software that it needs to go to. It’s basically the same thing a human is doing by reading and transcribing except OCR is much faster and it will never get bored.

Break Down Data Silos

Data silos can be black holes when it comes to employee time and effort. All of their hard work is sucked in and, worst of all, this is repeated day after day. A data silo exists because information is provided in one form and must somehow be translated or transcribed to another form. An example of this could be a sales order coming in from an order form emailed as a PDF. The information must be taken from the document sent and then transcribed into the inventory software. It may even have to be transcribed again into the invoicing software. This may involve several employees as well. 

With OCR, the information is instantly gleaned from the order form and transcribed into the other relevant programs with minimal human input. While the data silos may still technically exist, OCR has broken down the barriers thanks to automation.

Information on Demand

Every business has run into challenges with finding important documents. Perhaps it wasn’t organized correctly or the person searching has forgotten the name of the document, the content, or some other important identifier. This can lead to a frustrating search, emails to colleagues, and maybe even some colorful language. With OCR, the information on each digital document, email, and other forms can be digitally transcribed and stored for easy searching. Now, employees can search for certain terms or keywords that they are looking for and instantly find the document they need.


OCR essentially makes finding important business documents or communications much like searching online for something. People are used to asking Google for answers to their questions using phrases and keywords that will help narrow the search. Why shouldn’t document searching within the business be the same? With Psigen, this dream is a reality.

Save Time and Money with Psigen

Optical Character Recognition is the process that makes small business automation possible. Best of all, it helps businesses save money and ensures their employees can be as productive as possible. By taking repetitive work off the desks of staff, breaking down information silos, and intelligently storing documents for easy recall; Psigen has taken document management and automation to the next level.

To learn more about how you can implement OCR in your business and see the benefits of automation, contact the business technology experts at James Imaging Systems today.