Toshiba Healthcare Solutions for Wisconsin Healthcare Providers

With medical giants like Mayo Clinic to the West, Wisconsin healthcare providers need an edge. They can find that competitive edge in Toshiba products. Toshiba carries a wide range of incredible products that are specially designed for use by healthcare professionals. Wisconsin medical facilities don’t have to break the bank to enjoy some of the best in healthcare computing technology. Here’s what Toshiba has to offer and how to find a reliable vendor.

Why Toshiba for Wisconsin Healthcare Centers?

With so many big brand names out there like HP, Xerox, and Lexmark, what makes Toshiba so perfect for medical centers? For one thing, Toshiba understands the unique needs of the healthcare industry. Also, they recognize that with power failures and natural disasters, the equipment has to keep running. With patient’s lives at stake, there is no room for error, even in the direst of situations.

Toshiba has an extensive suite of applications dedicated to hospital HVAC and power failure management.

Leading Innovation in Security

Despite HP’s impressive drive to become the top dog in security features, Toshiba has them beat on several points. Many will recognize HP’s advertising of the Fixer and the Wolf. While impressive from a marketing standpoint, Toshiba’s hardware and software are taking the lead in terms of tangible security benefits.

Not only do Toshiba computers feature state-of-the-art encryption, but they also sport advanced biometric readers and intrusion detection capabilities, but these machines also take healthcare security to a whole new level.

Superior Hardware Powered by Intel

Toshiba healthcare hardware is powered by robust Intel processors that easily outperform competing models. Their PCs let medical professionals view patient histories, prescribe medications, and annotate scans with ease.

Well known for the quality of their hardware, Toshiba produces its laptops in-house. With such uncompromising quality, Wisconsin healthcare centers can’t go wrong with Toshiba hardware.

Support Solutions

Healthcare professionals aren’t computer experts, and they shouldn’t have to be. It’s why Team Toshiba support is always there to help. Unlike other companies who sell outrageously expensive computers and then leave customers hanging when problems arise.

With Toshiba, it’s a different story. They take care of their customers and medical professionals can always count on Toshiba to provide. Toshiba understands that healthcare professionals can’t wait days on end for answers. The lives of patients are truly important to Toshiba which takes the responsibility of serving the healthcare community very seriously.

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The Advantages of Using Toshiba Healthcare Solutions

Perhaps one of the strongest reasons why healthcare facilities should be using Toshiba products is that both efficiency and productivity suffer without them. Computers with inferior security are a liability, as well as PCs with no disaster recovery protocols.

Faulty hardware common in poor manufacturing can cause other PC brands to break down within a few months of use, which is a terrible waste of hospital funding. Get it right from the beginning, and shop Toshiba for healthcare.

Why It’s Important to Find the Right Toshiba Vendor

With so many advantages tailored to healthcare applications, Toshiba products are a solid investment for any medical facility. The next step is to find the best vendor to work with.

Like other organizations, hospitals budgets are tight and there’s no room for error. Furthermore, patient lives are at stake and price gouging medical facilities is unacceptable yet many other vendors do just that.

James Imaging is an award-winning Toshiba vendor that has gained the trust and appreciation of the Midwest. Named as the Midwest region’s top Toshiba dealer, James Imaging built its success on excellent customer service. Not only have they made a name for themselves as a leading Toshiba dealer, their work for the communities they serve are also notable. Services to their communities include volunteering at food banks and supporting non-profit organizations that can make a difference.

Get the Power of Toshiba Healthcare Solutions and Improve Patient Care, with James Imaging

Wisconsin healthcare centers are lucky to have the likes of James Imaging to turn to when shopping for Toshiba products. Hospitals can count on this trusted vendor to give them a fair deal and be able to rely on them long after a sale. It’s time for Wisconsin healthcare providers to start experiencing the benefits of Toshiba solutions, they owe it to their patients and themselves, learn more today.

Do a favor for the budget and patients, get James Imaging on the phone and ask about their Toshiba products for healthcare.