Tap into Digital Workflows to Transform Paper Processes in Manufacturing

The first wave of coronavirus placed a heavy burden on the manufacturing industry as disruptions, slowdowns, and closures continued to impact production and revenue.

Now, the industry is looking for strategic ways to make itself crisis-proof as it fosters supply chain resilience; adapts to a newer, more virtual workplace; and places a priority on digital investments that can take flexibility and resilience to new levels.

As always, streamlining operations are aimed at driving down costs through increased productivity and reduced risk and error, giving manufacturers a much-needed competitive advantage in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace. 

One easy to access way to accomplish this transformation is by optimizing and managing your print environment through digital workflows.

How Digital Workflows Can Revolutionize Your Operations

Your print environment might seem like a small thing in contrast with other daily operational needs such as equipment but managing it correctly can save you more than 30% on overall printing costs.

These savings can increase exponentially as your organization begins to automatic paper-heavy workflows, as these processes also amplify productivity and assist in reducing human error.

Additionally, this seemingly expansive transformation of your print environment can be accomplished in just a few simple steps:

  • Assessment of current infrastructure, business needs and goals including KPIs
  • Creation of an optimal infrastructure that will directly impact organizational KPIs
  • Implementation of a workflow improvement protocol to directly target organizational requirements
  • Ongoing management of technology to fine-tune efficiency and stay abreast of industry updates

As needs and goals change, your managed services provider (MSP) can easily adjust your automated system to provide more targeted assistance without disruption to daily activities. 

Digital workflows can further transform your workplace by providing: 

  • Increased process automation for better scalability and efficiency without an increase in cost
  • Improved process transparency to optimize workflows leading to reduced operational and compliance risk.
  • Reduced human error as a product of manual intervention

This transformation of paper to digital documents gives your team the ability to process necessary information securely from virtually any location and device — from human resources to the shop floor and warehouse.

This ability to remotely process information can be a critical element of success in a post-COVID environment where many organizations are allowing employees to work remotely in an effort to increase health and safety in the workplace.

Being able to securely access and share critical information from any device, any location, and at any time can keep business up and running, even in the midst of a crisis.

Opportunities to Use Digital Workflows

There are myriad uses for digital workflows in a manufacturing environment. Your quality assurance and control department can use these processes to reduce product defects and improve customer service. 

Distribution and logistics — a logjam of invoices, picking slips, bills of lading, order instructions, and more — can be easily managed to reduce time delays in fulfillment, manage inventory to avoid running out of stock, reduce errors in billing, and gain transparency into processes.

Finally, compliance requirements are on the rise and digital workflows can reduce the complexity of records management, freeing up staff to work more efficiently elsewhere while providing significant peace of mind.

James Imaging Provides the Right Digital Tools for Your Application

Our manufacturing clients are always seeking new ways to remain competitive, control costs, and serve their customers better. 

Digitizing workflows can renew your competitive advantage, amplify customer experience, and help you reduce operational expenditures for a healthier bottom line.

Automating processes give you increased control over records, invoices, and other important documents, allowing you to streamline compliance and reduce risks at the same time.

At James Imaging, we partner with leaders in the print and imaging industry, such as HP, to bring you the smartest digital tools for the biggest positive impact on your operational efficiency. From infrastructure to software, our centralized print and document management solutions empower your employees, reduce frustration and error, and give you the power to improve workflows as needs and goals change.

Access the power of digital workflows to improve any aspect your operation. Reach out to a professional at James Imaging Systems and learn how going digital can transform your processes to amplify productivity, reduce costs, and put you ahead of the competition.