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What is Document Management?

No matter what kind of business you operate, your office must manage many different file types and collaborate across a number of platforms. 

Scan to Cloud: Benefits and Best Practices

What can an organization do with all of its paper documents? How can a workforce that is increasingly remote share those pieces of paper that are physically stored in a central location? The [...]

Why a Document Management System is the Best Office Spring Cleaning Tool

Documents are everywhere – businesses sure know how to generate a lot of them. From internal communications to invoices and customer forms, the vast majority of business operations occur in [...]

Streamline Workflows with Document Management for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing is a fast-paced and constantly evolving industry. Without the right tools and impeccable organization within a business, it can be impossible to keep up. Manufacturing companies must [...]

Document Management Solutions for CPA Firms

Every aspect of the CPA profession relies heavily on the supporting documents, records, prepared statements, and audit findings that accountants handle every day. As the financial year-end looms [...]

OCR Conversion Solutions - Drivve, Re-Rite, Autostore, and PaperCut

When it comes to managing documents, there is a massive slew of products out there all claiming to make the process more efficient. With so many options out there all vying for attention, it can [...]

Document Management Solutions for Wisconsin Healthcare Centers

Wisconsin healthcare centers are in a unique position to benefit from document management systems. These systems have already been helping revolutionize productivity in the business world. Here’s [...]

Document Solutions for Manufacturing

The ferocity of the global market has firms scrambling to find anything that will help them compete. One of the most effective strategies is to focus on making operations more efficient and reduce [...]