Supercharge Your Manufacturing with DocuWare and SAP Business One

Are you a small but growing manufacturing business? Keeping track of business information can be extremely challenging, especially if a lot of your employees work remotely. By integrating two highly robust workflow systems, DocuWare and SAP, your manufacturing company will have the technical infrastructure it needs to thrive. And, you’ll save money to boot!

The Problem With Small Businesses and Manufacturers

We have worked with many small businesses, start-ups, and growing companies over the years. Manufacturing companies have special challenges, especially in regards to supply chain management and inventory. Some common problems come up on a regular basis. We will categorize these broadly as the following:

  • Established companies that have been around for decades and haven’t gotten around to digitizing and automating their workflows.
  • New start-ups and smaller companies that have been “getting by” on rudimentary systems and/or relying on free software offerings such as Google Docs.

For the long-time manufacturer that may still be using paper ledgers as a throwback to the 1970s, transitioning to an automated digital workflow may seem daunting. But the task doesn’t have to be an impossible hill to climb – and with our help, the transition can be smooth and even easy. The results will speak for themselves.

For the start-up or smaller company that is relying on a hobbled together system of single-focus accounting software, Google Drive, one-off Excel spreadsheets, and email invoicing, a cohesive digital workflow system can not only make life easier, but provide the foundation for future business growth.

For both types of companies, modern cloud-based document management and workflow solutions can make a tremendous difference, paving the path for more profits and success. Here’s how they work.

SAP – The Best-Known, Most Popular ERP System on the Planet

SAP (which stands for Systems Applications and Products) has been around for years and is a well-established, comprehensive ERP system used by businesses of all sizes. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is a broad term referring to the organization and management of critical business processes, usually with technology.

ERP systems aren’t typically just one small software application but a suite of apps or modules that can fit together for a seamless system that undergirds core business functions. These functions might include finance, manufacturing, human resources (HR), sales, supply chain management, inventory control, and more.

The best ERP systems provide the ability to track company information and data in real-time or near real-time, allowing managers and executives to see at a glance what is going on in the company.

SAP (which stands for Systems Applications and Products), is the recognized leader in ERP solutions. SAP is so dominant that 91% of Forbes Global 2000 companies are SAP customers. 

SAP Business One for Small Businesses

SAP has a special ERP software platform for small businesses called SAP Business One. With business intelligence baked in, your business can track financials, sales and customers (CRM), inventory, analytics and more. SAP offers a modular pricing structure to meet the budgetary needs of smaller businesses.

DocuWare Cloud – Secure Digital Workflows and Cloud Access for Your Documents

DocuWare Cloud is a powerful SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that provides integrated access to documents and digital workflows for your employees – even your remote teams. Sure, you can share and edit documents and spreadsheets remotely with Google Sheets, but is it secure? How are the documents stored and tracked? If they belong to one user, will that user delete the document accidentally? 

DocuWare solves these issues and much more, offering secure document sharing, tracking, and management along with security and compliance, such as HIPAA compliance. 

DocuWare Integration With SAP Business One

For a truly powerful system, DocuWare can be integrated with SAP Business One. Documents in the SAP system can be stored, catalogued, and retrieved in a centralized, virtual DocuWare file cabinet. Your company can thus improve the flow of information, and in addition, save significant amounts of time due to faster access to documents.

James Imaging Systems is a provider of both DocuWare and SAP Business One solutions. We have the expertise to help transition your growing manufacturing business to a comprehensive digital workflow solution. Through our expert technical guidance, your team can finally toss the paper records into the trash (shredded, of course), and gain instant data and insights while improving productivity. Win/win. 

James Imaging Systems is a leading provider of smart document management and workflow solutions to businesses of all sizes in Wisconsin. For more information on how Docuware SAP Integration with Business One can help your manufacturing business, contact us today.