Streamline Workflows with Document Management for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing is a fast-paced and constantly evolving industry. Without the right tools and impeccable organization within a business, it can be impossible to keep up. Manufacturing companies must streamline their workflows, keep their data organized, and maintain a handle on all of the paperwork that their business operations generate.

Document management software is a smart investment for such companies. It helps digitize vital processes to move them faster and more efficiently through the office and to suppliers, factories, or other business partners.

How Document Management Helps Manufacturing Companies

In the world of manufacturing, speed and accuracy matter. Document management software delivers critical operational efficiency to help these companies keep pace with market conditions, supply chain changes, and product evolution. Here’s how manufacturing companies can streamline their workflows with document management.

1. Maintain Movement With Automation

The world moves fast, and manufacturing moves even quicker. Document management lets manufacturing companies automate many pieces of their daily operations. Some of these operations include:

Routing and approval processes: Don’t let employees waste valuable time pushing documents from one place to the next. Automation ensures that everything gets where it needs to be – at once.

Reminders and notifications: Create rules for notifications and reminders to ensure that invoices don’t go unpaid, meetings don’t get missed, and necessary tasks all get dutifully completed.

Document classification and archival: Document management software can collate, classify, and archive documents to keep everything organized and standardized.

Data entry: Optical character recognition can pick out the necessary pieces of information, eliminating this laborious, low-impact manual task.

Discrepancy identification: Spot discrepancies and anomalies in documents using artificial intelligence. A document management software solution can flag these items for review.

2. Keep Trade Secrets Safe With Advanced Security

Manufacturing documents typically involve numerous trade secrets, making document security essential. Document management software features robust security features to help keep documents safe at all times. Whether transmitting documents online or within the organization, features like user authentication and encryption ensure that only those with the correct credentials can access these files.

3. Support Supply Chain Visibility With a Document Ecosystem

It’s not unusual for supply chains to reach around the world, with designs produced in one country and manufactured in far-flung regions, such as Asia or South America. That introduces numerous challenges for maintaining visibility throughout the supply chain. There are plenty of opportunities for materials to get lost and mistakes to get introduced without being caught until the products arrive on a company’s doorstep.

Document management makes it easier to track every piece of a supply chain. By providing a centralized document ecosystem, a company can easily check on processes, make near real-time adjustments, and keep track of suppliers even if they’re on the other side of the world.

4. Make Fewer Errors With Intelligent Solutions

Many document processes rely on rote manual labor, such as data entry or copying files. However, these tasks are also prone to letting errors creep in as attention wanders. Likewise, the faster tasks are done, the more likely it is that mistakes go overlooked. Not so with intelligent solutions.

Advanced document management software leverages features like optical character recognition and machine learning to “read” documents and extra necessary information. It can also do things like ensure accurate sums on invoices or confirm recipient contact information. A manufacturing company can enjoy fewer errors that would otherwise waste time, money, and materials.

5. Harness Sophisticated Search Functions to Find Information Easily

Having accessible, secure, and well-organized documents isn’t enough. Manufacturing companies can take advantage of the instant and extensive search functionalities offered by the most robust document management systems out there. Whether searching indexed documents, images, or other media entirely, being able to find the information needed at a moment’s notice allows these companies to stay nimble in the face of shifting markets. Sophisticated search functions empower manufacturing companies by:

● Making it easier to search an ecosystem for alternative suppliers in the event of a shortage at one.

● Keeping contact information at the fingertips of sales teams to nurture leads.

● Retrieving order histories to accelerate reordering processes.

● Pulling tracking information for specific products in the event of a recall.

James Imaging Helps Manufacturing Companies Streamline Workflows

It’s essential to streamline workflows to maintain operational efficiency – companies in manufacturing understand that better than anyone. Manufacturers need the best supply chain management possible to stay competitive, agile, and relevant to the market. With the right document management software, remaining organized in this fast-paced, demanding industry is not just possible, but practical.

James Imaging helps companies in manufacturing take advantage of the latest tools and strategies to achieve operational efficiency. Contact us today to discuss your company’s challenges.