Securing Devices with HP

Security has become a primary concern for businesses around the world. Upticks in hacking and more sophisticated cyber assaults have driven companies to seek out anything that can give them an advantage when it comes to security. Here’s how firms can stay secure with HP devices.

The Background: Why Data Security Is Important

Cyber security has become one of the most important focuses in business today. A data breach can cost companies millions, making it imperative to use devices with robust security features.

Cybercrime is incredibly damaging and has been costing businesses many billions of dollars every year.

As cybercrime has grown both more common and more sophisticated, it has come to be estimated to cause around $2 trillion dollars in damage. That jaw-dropping figure has managers turning pale and driving them towards more security conscious equipment. HP offers some of the most secure printers and copy machines in the world.

A data breach is always going to be costly, but it is most expensive in the United States. For every one million records that are compromised in a data breach, $40 million dollars is consequently expended.

Most startling of all perhaps, it took firms an average of 197 days to realize that they had suffered a data breach. Delays of that excessive a duration can amplify the magnitude of the damage caused by the data breach. Staying safe with HP printers and copiers is one of the most effective ways to guard against cybercriminal assaults like a data breach.

Why HP Computers Are Superior in Terms of Security

With so many manufacturers out there, it can be hard to determine which one offers the best in security. To make it simple, HP is a leader in security when it comes to computers, making them a top choice for businesses looking to keep their data safe.

HP has established itself as a leader in security, especially with its security service offered on consumer PCs. Their security features go far beyond the basics of anti-virus software and comprise a full-fledged service that puts customers first.

HPS’s DaaS Proactive Security Service has earned them both prestigious awards and the respect of customers alike for its incredibly robust security features. The features of the service along with their invariably impressive new consumer PC models rocked their global partner conference and helped make HP a top choice for firms who value securing print data and information stored on company computers.

Models like the HP ProDesk 405 G4 Desktop Mini, offer not only superior performance quality but also extremely powerful security features. HP models like these offer incredibly strong security for businesses looking for computers that can safeguard their information.

Consumer Models Are Just as Powerful as PCs Designed for Corporate Use

Even the models aimed at consumers have robust security capabilities that are on par with corporate offerings. They have invested so heavily in security, HP has become the undisputed leader in PC security. That has put them in a very unique position as a manufacturer of personal computers.

HP developments like SureView 3 bring high-grade security features to consumer PCs that outmatch competitors hands down. SureView 3 provides powerful screen security that is difficult to find elsewhere.

HP products provide an impressive security suite including options that facilitate document security and keep unclaimed prints from falling into the wrong hands. Advantages like these are essential in today’s tech-driven world. With electronic threats abound, security is incredibly important to firms of any size. Using HP devices is one of the easiest ways to keep information safe.

Print environments also benefit from HP which provides software that can make sure only the right personnel can access the print network which is fully protected. Data is also heavily encrypted, making HP the obvious choice for businesses who value security on their devices.

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