Secure Print Solutions for Wisconsin Construction Firms

Even with all of today’s digital technologies, the construction industry still relies heavily on paper-based documents. The drawings, blueprints, plans, and schedules that drive the project through its lifecycle require a variety of printing solutions, including wide format plotters or production printers. Managed Print Services (MPS) can alleviate the burden for construction firms in Wisconsin by helping to maintain a print fleet while improving the company’s document security.

According to market research, the US construction industry continues to grow year on year, making up 4.4% of the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2019. However, with the positive gains in the economy also comes additional risk. Cybercrime continues to rise, and bad actors now target small to medium-sized businesses more than any other type of organization. While most companies establish robust security systems for endpoints, networks, and other IT infrastructure, printers remain a target for hackers attempting to gain access to business information systems.

4 Benefits of Secure Printing Solutions

There are many benefits when using MPS solutions including improved device security. Multifunction Devices (MFDs) operate like mini-computers and integrate seamlessly with the company’s network. This is why keeping every printer, plotter, scanner, and copier secure should be a primary concern for construction firms, including the devices deployed at the construction site.

1. Improving Document Security and Protecting Intellectual Property

Every design or construction drawing the company produces is part of the organization’s intellectual property. These documents remain subject to controlled disclosure within the organization and with external suppliers, manufacturers, and contractors. With MPS solutions that feature secure printing, construction firms can reduce the likelihood of the uncontrolled disclosure of information.

Solutions like pull-to-print will ensure uncollected prints do not lead to an information breach. Once an employee sends a print to the device, they’ll have to enter a pin code or swipe a card at the MFD before the printer processes the job. The firm can keep sensitive information like payrolls or bids secure and ensure only authorized personnel has access to these documents.

2. Reducing the Cost of Regulatory Compliance

As information theft and data breaches remain a concern for federal and state agencies, new regulations attempt to reduce the associated risks. The costs of demonstrating compliance can run quite high if the company doesn’t use a print management solution to track the entire fleet of devices.

Managed Print Services allows the firm to deploy a centralized management panel that tracks every print and copy job throughout the organization. By providing a complete audit trail of every job, the company can quickly demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements by device, department, or user. A secure printing solution from an MPS company will reduce the cost of demonstrable compliance while freeing up IT resources to focus on more strategic organizational goals.

3. Gaining Oversight and Control over the Print Fleet

A print server will provide the organization with greater oversight of its printing operations. This can help the company investigate any issues according to the specific document or record printed on a device. If the company discovers any unauthorized access to a document, they can track the disclosure to the exact user and device where the breach occurred.

Although this improves the company’s ability to respond to breaches, it also provides them with insight into the organization’s printing operations. An MPS solution will work with the construction firm to develop an integrated printing solution and establish a consistent budget for all of their document and drawing requirements.

4. Securing the Entire Company Network

As company networks require enhanced protection, every connected device needs regular security scans and patching. MPS companies will deploy the latest security patches and update the firmware to prevent a new exploit from penetrating the network. By using encryption tools during the transmission and storage of information, the company can protect all digital data from the source to the point of release.

An additional benefit of using Managed Print Services for construction firms in Wisconsin is the solution will ultimately drive productivity and efficiency throughout the company workflows. The MPS provider will monitor all device parameters remotely and ensure the printers operate reliably. This will reduce bottlenecks, ensure supplies are available, and reduce the costs associated with printing operations by establishing better controls.

Secure Printing Solutions from James Imaging Systems

James Imaging Systems specializes in developing integrated and secure printing solutions for companies in Wisconsin. Since 1977, James Imaging Systems has helped organizations streamline office operations using productivity tools and the latest technology.

By working with James Imaging Systems, construction firms can ensure their networks remain secure, reduce the risk of uncontrolled dissemination of information, and regain complete control of all printing operations. James Imaging Systems can provide the hardware, device support and maintenance, including comprehensive remote monitoring of the company’s print and copy fleet.

For more information about secure printing solutions for your construction firm in Wisconsin, reach out to one of James Imaging System’s consultants today.