Scan to Cloud — Advantages, Security, and Cost Savings

While more businesses are turning to digital processes to streamline workflows and cut down on physical storage space, there are still plenty of paper documents necessary for companies to function properly.

These documents can be photos, reference materials, letters, articles or other documentation critical to daily operations. Typically, hard copies are saved to a physical location such as a file cabinet or other storage area or scanned into a local server.

However, locally stored files can be cumbersome to access and share, particularly when you have a remote or mobile workforce. And, physical copies and copies on-premises can not only pose a security risk, but also leave important documentation unprotected in the event of a disaster such as fire or flood.

Fortunately, scanning critical documents directly to the cloud can overcome the disadvantages of hard copy storage and provide a host of benefits.

The Solid Business Advantages of Scan to Cloud Technology

The advent of scan to cloud technology brings several advantages to businesses looking for simple ways to augment business processes for boosted productivity and profitability.

Scanning directly to the cloud not only gives businesses improved control over their hard copy documents, but it offers a distinctly better option for storage and access.

Other benefits include:

  1. Fast, Easy Access to Documentation from Any Location

Today’s modern business environment, with the increase in mobile and remote work situations, demands fast access to crucial information.  The ability to access data from anywhere is critical to operational success and gives businesses a competitive edge.

Scan to cloud solutions integrate seamlessly with existing scanning and document workflows for simplicity and functionality by using software that securely scans, captures, and routes documents to the correct recipient.

Because the process, filing, and distribution of documents is accelerated and automated, manual entry errors are reduced, and employees can find the documents they need in seconds.

Plus, personalized workflow profiles are easily created to give your staff the advantage of one-touch automated document capture, processing, and distribution for optimal workflows.

  1. Increased Money and Time Savings

Documents are processed faster using scan to cloud integration and a standardized document naming protocol that quickly automates and organizes files for easy retrieval.

Document shipping costs are eliminated through the distributed scanning option and storage costs are reduced or eliminated, as hard copy storage needs are significantly decreased.

Additionally, scan to cloud options place no burden on IT staff, freeing them to concentrate on more mission-critical tasks and empowering employees to take control of their document workflows.

  1. Enhanced Security for Better Compliance

With more hackers accessing critical data through print devices, keeping your sensitive information safe from cyberattack is a critical need for most companies.

With scan to cloud technology, user access is controlled directly from your multifunction print device (MFP).  Users can scan, send, email, or take advantage of built-in optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities to correctly record sensitive documents.

Single sign-on is available through PIN codes, proximity cards, and other methods of authentication to facilitate regulatory compliance and corporate security.

With full digital rights management supported, scan to cloud options gives your business document-level security and control for better compliance and peace of mind.

  1. Usability and Connectivity for Streamlined Workflows

With an embedded interface that dovetails with your existing infrastructure and quick workflow creation, scan to cloud solutions can be installed, configured, and deployed quickly so your company can start enjoying the benefits immediately.

Centralized administration features allow for updates across all MFPs simultaneously and smooth integration with existing email, fax systems, business applications, and ODBC compliant databases means a smoother workflow that can enhance productivity right away.

Let James Imaging Help Your Wisconsin Business Leverage the Power of Scan to Cloud

James Imaging provides a cutting-edge scan to cloud solution to help Wisconsin businesses maximize productivity — and profitability. Our solution helps you easily create digital, editable, and searchable files that you can print, email, share, or store — securely.

Our team of scan to cloud experts will assess your current document management needs and deploy a solution that integrates seamlessly — and instantly — with your current infrastructure so you can start enjoying the productivity, cost savings, and advanced security benefits through this powerful system immediately.

Ready to discover how a simple scan to cloud solution can improve your business workflows? Reach out to a professional at James Imaging Systems today.