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The 5 Best Ways to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks in 2020

In 2020, protecting a business from cyber attacks will remain as important as ever. Cybersecurity threats abound as hackers find ever more ingenious ways to get their hands on a company’s most [...]

5 Reasons Your School Needs Managed Print Services

Managed print services deliver significant benefits to any environment that uses printers, especially schools. These high-traffic facilities have among some of the most demanding print [...]

Streamline Workflows with Document Management for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing is a fast-paced and constantly evolving industry. Without the right tools and impeccable organization within a business, it can be impossible to keep up. Manufacturing companies must [...]

How to Create an Effective Business Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster isn’t a matter of if – it’s a matter of when. Smart business owners understand this and take proactive steps to prepare for it. A business disaster recovery plan is a valuable document [...]

The Benefits of Recycling Empty Toner Cartridges

Are empty toner cartridges piling up in the office? Think twice before throwing them out – they can be recycled. In fact, over the last decade, companies have come to recognize the many benefits [...]

How to Prevent Phishing in 2020

Wondering how to prevent phishing more effectively in the era of cybercrime? It’s one of the oldest types of attacks and the most prevalent tactic used against businesses today.

Choose Managed Print Services for Sustainability in Business

Sustainability in business has been a buzzword for over a decade. Mainly referring to the green initiatives which a company embraces, it’s become much more than an innovative way to gain a [...]

Achieving Print Sustainability with HP

Concerned about print sustainability? If not, you should be. Printing is as natural to businesses as breathing is to people. It is so commonplace that many companies don’t realize the extent to [...]

James Imaging Systems Selected as 2019 ENX Elite Dealer

  BROOKFIELD, WISCONSIN: James Imaging Systems, local document imaging partner, was named a 2019 Elite Dealer by ENX magazine. James Imaging Systems is one of 137 companies chosen this year as a [...]

Windows 7 End of Life Is January 2020 – James Imaging Can Help

Microsoft has announced the end of Windows 7 support and urged users to upgrade to its latest operating system. While many companies have already made a move to the latest operating system, others [...]