Optimizing Print Fleets in Wisconsin With Managed Print Services

Most companies consider printing an essential function that has a solid impact on workflows, productivity, and profitability — all elements that strengthen bottom lines for improved economic resilience.

And finding the right print solution to meet the specific business goals and challenges of your enterprise is crucial for continued business success, not just from the standpoint of productivity, but from a return-on-investment outlook.

For example, with today’s emphasis on work-at-home staff due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is critically important for companies to be able to remotely monitor and audit employee work.

Plus, when you consider the numbers from the perspective of a cost/benefit analysis, choosing a managed print service becomes intuitive when you understand that:

  • Many companies — up to 90% of them — aren’t tracking printing costs
  • Printing expenditures can take up more than 5% of total business revenue
  • IT departments spend a third of their time dealing with printer-related issues

With a managed print program in place, you can track — and mitigate — these costs and save your company up to 30% on print expenditures.

What are Managed Print Services (MPS)?

Managed print services (MPS) comprise a print management program that expertly assesses and administers all facets of your print operations to enhance productivity and lower the strain on internal personnel.

From faxes to scanners, printers, and copiers, a managed print program provides equipment, supplies, and services from one convenient source to eliminate wasted or redundant resources and control costs.

Services include troubleshooting, maintenance, and repairs as well as security, managed access, supplies, and technical support.

Basically, you’ll get everything you need to provide the resources to empower your team to optimal productivity — and nothing you don’t need.

What Can a Quality MPS Provider Offer?

A quality MPS provider will understand the industry-specific challenges and obstacles your print environment faces and will target ways to streamline and optimize your document and printing processes, including:

  1. Optimization and Improved Efficiency

Your MPS provider will assess all elements of your current infrastructure to identify redundant or underutilized equipment and examine how the devices are currently used in your business.

Ensuring the right department has the right equipment will improve workflow and optimize costs and discover whether current infrastructure can be utilized and integrated with new solutions to preserve as much of your investment as possible.

Careful use of resources like color and wide format printers can save on specialty ink and paper costs while optimizations like automatic two-sided printing and other functions can save time and money.

  1. Reducing Strain and Cost on IT Departments

Printers are a constant source of headaches for IT departments. A managed print solution provides constant monitoring, automatic updates, and on-the-spot troubleshooting as problems arise to alleviate pressure on IT departments, freeing them up to focus on more mission-critical tasks.

For those businesses that don’t have dedicated IT personnel, a managed print program gives them access to technical expertise and service at a reasonable cost to ensure their devices are always in good working order.

Onboarding new equipment is simple, as new printers and other devices are easily installed and ready for use right away, removing the need for IT involvement. And, as mentioned, remote monitoring and access control is simplified to provide enhanced security and facilitate oversight.

  1. Controlling Costs and Minimizing Disruption with Auto-replenishment

Running out of ink or toner can put a serious dent in your workflow, contributing to work stoppages and wasted time waiting for new supplies to arrive.

But, too much inventory in the form of extra ink and toner “just in case” wastes capital that can be spent on mission-critical objectives and takes up valuable office space for storage.

Managed print services offer automated replenishment, so a supply request is generated, filled, and sent to your office exactly when it is needed to keep productivity flowing and your capital expenditures to a minimum.

James Imaging’s Managed Print Services Can Help Your Wisconsin Business Control Costs and Increase Productivity

At James Imaging, our managed print services provide Wisconsin clients with a one-stop resource for all their printing needs.

With no need to coordinate multiple vendors, IT providers, or other resources, managing your print environment becomes simple, cost-effective, and secure.

Our MPS experts will assess your current print fleet and environment, design a managed environment that focuses on cost-effective device utilization, and provide repair and maintenance as well as automated ink and toner fulfillment.

That means you’ll always have ink or toner when you need it and device downtime will be minimized to streamline productivity so you can get down to business.

Ready to explore cost savings and increase productivity with a managed print environment?  Contact the managed print experts at James Imaging Systems today for a free assessment.