OCR Conversion Solutions - Drivve, Re-Rite, Autostore, and PaperCut

When it comes to managing documents, there is a massive slew of products out there all claiming to make the process more efficient. With so many options out there all vying for attention, it can be difficult to determine which products are worth the expense and actually work.

Top Performing Business Tools

Here’s a breakdown of some of the hottest business tools on the market today. These are the ones that savvy managers are already using and make great investments. Get on board and see what they have to offer, and get the tools to succeed and soar past the competition with ease. Companies who lag behind stay behind.


Drivve is one of the most flexible and useful business tools around. The tool has applications in document management that have been revolutionizing the craft.

Not only does Drivve DM makes it possible to digitize thousands of documents, but it has also made huge improvements in the ease of use. Making document management systems easier and simpler is a major achievement and an edge that Drivve DM has over competing models.

Other benefits of Drivve DM are exceptionally strong security protections that are on par with high-end industry standards and speed. The incredible speeds of the product make it a top-performing, time-saving tool that can streamline workflows and obliterate bottlenecks.


Papercut is one of the most powerful solutions for firms looking to control printers and manage user activity. By tracking and controlling user activity, firms can save a great deal of money by reducing their print costs. Managers can view reports showing the usage of office printers by user, device, or environmental impact.

The ability to break down print usage using these key metrics is a huge advantage to savvy managers who know how to use this information to optimize their allocation of resources. For example, when a manager notices an uptick in both print usage and environmental impact from a certain department while seeing less productivity, they can take proactive action to improve the department.

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Re-Rite is a robust Toshiba product that makes it possible to convert the hard copies of physical documents into digital format on the go. Once digitized, the documents can be distributed at leisure into a shared network folder or email address.

Users simply load the desired documents into the automatic document feeder and follow the prompts to process them accordingly. Another useful feature of Re-Rite is optical character recognition, which will be covered in more detail later on.


AutoStore is one of the most powerful and unique information management tools currently available. The platform can take selected data from documents and perform a number of actions on it that can save businesses tremendous amounts of time.

For example, with AutoStore, users can select information to be captured which can then be emailed, faxed, or sent directly into a database. Other useful and time-saving capabilities include the option to facilitate file encryption, image correction, PDF creation, and manipulation, watermarking, file naming, and user authentication.

Being able to capture information and perform such specific operations as encryption and user authentication is part of what makes AutoStore such a powerful tool.

To sweeten the pot, AutoStore integrates and works seamlessly with a wide variety of commonly used devices including multifunction printers, desktop scanners, fax servers, network folders, PS, and mobile devices. The flexibility of this tool widens its range of applications making it a great investment for any business.

OCR Conversion Solutions

OCR or optical character recognition is one of the most promising business tools for documents to date. The technology scans documents that can be anything from an image to a PDF, digitizes it, and makes it editable. It also makes documents searchable which can be incredibly useful.

The advantages of OCR conversion solutions are truly incredible as it saves countless hours of painstakingly recreating documents that otherwise couldn’t be edited.

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