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Of all the industries impacted by the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, healthcare has been among the hardest hit, continually responding to evolving challenges.

Increases in hospitalizations and rising case loads have emphasized a lack of resiliency and highlighted issues related to the adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) and the management of large amounts of sensitive patient data. 

Providers continue to encounter frustration related to usability, data quality, and the integration among systems, reducing their ability to provide the high quality of care patients expect.

To address these issues, an EHR should be used as a care plan rather than a simple amalgamation of patient data. 

But to be effective, the EHR should be able to travel across care settings and geographies and be accessible to the entire care team — from physician to specialists, nurses, case managers, and pharmacists — on an as-needed basis.

At the same time, patient privacy and compliance with a variety of data protection regulations is paramount for healthcare providers. 

While this issue has many complex parts, there is a simple-to-deploy technology that can help healthcare providers get control of this confidential data to make significant improvements in processes and standards of care — managed print services (MPS).

Improving the Patient Experience: Using MPS for Better Healthcare

Reducing errors and providing fast, accurate care is essential to creating an environment where patients feel safe and satisfied with the care process. 

To address this aspect of patient care, more than 67% of hospitals are increasing their tech budgets so they can prioritize innovation and help create a better, more personal healthcare experience for patients.

Here are some solid advantages that a strong MPS program can bring to your patient care scenario:

1. Streamlining Paper-Heavy Processes

Healthcare providers and organizations are notorious for being paper-heavy industries that handle large quantities of confidential or sensitive data.

Managed print solutions offer smart digitization of paper documents for fast, easy, and safe retrieval, making access to critical medical information effortless for authorized personnel. Billing and invoicing can be streamlined through converting paper documents to digital ones that can be automatically assigned for approval and routed for payment upon approval completion.


2. Managing Privacy for Better Compliance

With healthcare data breaches on the rise, patient privacy and data protection are remaining a hot topic in the industry. Providers are required to protect medical information according to guidelines set out by various regulations, such as HIPAA and others.

MPS can assist healthcare providers in managing, storing, and sharing critical data in a safe environment using access control solutions, remote monitoring, and security protocols that ensure compliance.

3. Improving Staff Efficiency 

Patient care needs to remain the main focus for any healthcare provider or organization. 

MPS relieves the burden of supply management, device maintenance, and troubleshooting on in-house staff so they can focus on core objectives that promote a higher standard of care for their patient population.

In addition, the ability to easily retrieve necessary medical details for patients through digitized processes ensures that care is delivered as rapidly as possible — and with fewer errors.

Let James Imaging Help You Improve Your Patient Care 

Healthcare providers are facing a number of challenges as the industry continues to move forward through the ongoing pandemic. Among them, the need to provide a high level of patient care while managing a greater-than-normal patient population ranks high as a requirement for success.

The power of Managed Print Services (MPS) can help simplify your paper-heavy processes and relieve the burden on staff through process automation and included routine maintenance on equipment. 

By removing these tasks from the work equation, your staff will have the information and tools they need to focus on providing quality patient services.

At James Imaging, we have a team of MPS specialists that can assess your current print environment, help you drill down to your core goals and needs, and develop a comprehensive MPS program that can help revolutionize the way you do business.

Streamline processes in your healthcare organization to provide a higher level of patient care. Reach out to a professional at James Imaging Systems and explore the many ways our innovative MPS system can help your team succeed.