Secure Document Solutions for Manufacturing

In today’s fast-paced and diverse business world, work product and documents can take many forms: handwritten notes during meetings, printed out agendas, paper invoices, emails, etc. All these materials are often in a team member’s desk, on their phone, on their computer desktop or some other far-flung location. And for the documents that are in a centralized location, there may be several versions of the same file. And all of it needs to be protected from hackers and other cybercriminals.

Depending on the business, documents can be anything from reports and emails to posters and text messages or even photos.

Secure Document Solutions


Document Tracking

Document tracking can be a Herculean task for businesses of any size. Even shared cloud folders and other solutions can fall short in collaboration tools and security. With specialized software, business owners can follow a document from creation, throughout any changes and make sure they’re being accessed by the right staff members. Whether it’s an invoice that needs to be updated or a flyer that’s gone through the editing process, users can get up-to-the-minute updates on the document. It also encourages secure collaboration among team members, letting individuals know when a document is ready for their review.

Mobile Printing

The world is on the go more than ever and mobile printing allows team members to break free from their desks or from hauling around clunky equipment. Photos, messages and emails sent to their mobile devices can be printed from their device to any printer on the network, keeping the work going and preventing unnecessary bottlenecks. For team members who may work predominantly in the field, this frees up critical office space and equipment, allowing employees to get work done fast.

Editing Printed Documents

Document management solutions can take printed documents and convert them into a format that can easily be edited and annotated, preserving legacy documents and streamlining paper and digital workflows. Whether it’s an invoice from years ago that needs updating or notice that was taped to a door, the right solution can take that paper document and make it searchable and editable.

Regulatory Compliance

Whether it’s HIPAA, FERPA or any other regulatory statute that requires privacy and confidentiality, a secure document solution can keep your business in compliance. Password protecting documents, tracking who has viewed certain documents and when and where they were printed allows your business to keep its most confidential and protected data secure at all times. It also prevents third parties, such as hackers and cybercriminals from stealing your data.

How can James Imaging help your Business?

James Imaging offers a complete secure document solution to get your documents organized and secure. Our software and equipment will analyze your business document needs and work with you to come up with the best solution to optimize your workflows. A variety of solutions from mobile printing to document tracking will keep your business running, no matter what form your work product takes. Keep mobile and field staff working and productive while offering best in class security solutions. Even older documents that have been languishing in file cabinets or dry storage can be included in your system, allowing team members to have the full breadth of information about documents and other work products.

Get your business documents organized and ready to work. Contact the document management experts at James Imaging Systems today!