Managed Print Solutions for Wisconsin Healthcare Centers

The healthcare industry has many unique challenges. For Wisconsin healthcare centers, many of these challenges can be overcome by using managed print solutions. Businesses from all corners of the market have already been benefiting from the advantages of managed print solutions. Many of the same advantages carry over into healthcare. Here’s what decision makers in Wisconsin healthcare need to know about these solutions.

What Are Managed Print Services?

Managed print services are solutions that help organizations save money on print supplies, and energy costs as well as delivering superior protection features. With printers vulnerable to being hacked, organizations need all the protection they can get, especially hospitals.

The Advantages of Managed Print Solutions for Healthcare Centers

Security is one of the primary advantages of a managed print service for healthcare. Printers in healthcare centers are particularly prime targets for cybercriminals who are well aware of the valuable troves of information stored on their drives.

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Making Hospitals Greener

Among the many healthcare solutions made available by James Imaging, are the environmental sustainability benefits of their managed prints services. Hospitals tend to run up high energy expenses, and they cost more than just money the environmental costs are also quite steep.

Businesses have been enjoying the energy savings and other sustainability benefits of managed print services for a while; it’s time for healthcare to follow suit.

Predictable Costs

One of the most advantageous benefits of using a managed print service is that it enables organizations to enjoy more predictable costs. Managers love predictability when it comes to costs. The ability to predict costs is of particular interest to healthcare facilities, which are often especially careful about their benefits.

Reduce Equipment Downtime

Healthcare centers simply can’t afford to suffer equipment downtime. The consequences of having printers out of commission while patients are being either admitted or processes are severe. Medical care involves situations of life or death, and any printer problems can greatly reduce the quality of patient care. Neither doctors nor patients have time to wait for printers to be repaired and restored.

Toner and Print Supply Management

Managed print services also furnish toner and print supply management. These services make it possible to avoid ever running out of printing supplies. As costs are made more predictable, so is the need for supplies. The service ensures that essential printing supplies like toner and paper are ordered on time before they can run out.

With such organization and predictability, healthcare facilities can perform better and enjoy healthier budgets.

Lower Operational Costs

Another huge advantage of managed print services for healthcare facilities is that they can reduce operational costs by up to 30%. That kind of reduction in cost makes a big difference for hospital budgets. The cost savings in the print environment ultimately trickle down to the patients who will also enjoy lower costs for care.

If the patients are not enthused by the savings, their insurance companies certainly will be.

Liberate IT Resources

By using a managed print service, healthcare centers can also free up significant resources, especially in their IT departments. As IT professionals are typically stretched thin, overworked, and overstressed, especially in healthcare facilities, their efforts can be redoubled when supported by managed print services.

These services can relieve IT personnel from the incredible weight of their duties. Managed print services have long been making small businesses more productive, and they can do the same for healthcare facilities.

Finding the Right Service Provider

Finding the right service provider is a key step to fully enjoying the benefits of a managed print service. Managed print services differ greatly in terms of quality, customer service, and pricing.

James Imaging is the right choice in a managed print service provider, in price, quality, and service. Their sterling reputation sets them a cut above the rest as the premier managed service provider for healthcare centers in the state of Wisconsin.

James Imaging, the Smart Choice in Managed Print Services for Wisconsin Healthcare Centers

Hospitals and healthcare facilities need a partner they can trust. The managed print service must be able to help facilitate compliance with regulatory stipulations like HIPPAA. As such, quality is paramount for managed print solutions for healthcare. Pricing is another important factor as hospital budgets are kept tight. Healthcare centers in Wisconsin are fortunate to have James Imaging and their superior managed print solutions that are tailored for healthcare.

Start experiencing the James Imaging difference, call today, and see how their managed print services can do to improve productivity.