Managed Print Service Solutions for Manufacturing

Manufacturing firms have taken a hit in terms of sales as more environmentally conscious customers become aware of their manufacturing practices. To make matters worse, global competition hasn’t slowed down any and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. With so much pressure on the manufacturing business, firms need something to help stay ahead. Here’s what managed print services can do to help and why no manufacturer should be without them. 

What Are Managed Print Solutions?

Managed print solutions are third-party services that help facilitate maintenance, security, and print supply purchasing. These third-party companies can provide superior service for the price when compared to in-house efforts to produce the same results. It is almost invariably much more expensive to manage print environments in the same detail, in house.

The full-time staff needed to pull it off would be far too costly and quickly run companies into the ground by running up costs. 

Top-Notch Security

Security is something that no one can afford to ignore anymore. The threats have been steadily rising, and manufacturing firms are particularly vulnerable. Think about how many vital documents pass through these offices every day. With so much valuable information at stake, manufacturing firms need something sold they can trust.

When looking at a printer, most people would have no idea that the hard drive on the machine can be hacked, exposing all of its data. Don’t think that the worst can’t happen, in recent memory; a single hacker compromised 150,000 printers.

There is a huge market for industrial secrets, and foreign agents have been pursuing them with startling success.

Manufacturers using managed print services receive top-notch security protection. The protection comes both in the form of powerful security software and the support of highly trained cybersecurity professionals. The best part is that these services can be had a fraction of the cost that it would take to replicate in-house.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is another primary concern that managed print services can help address. With more customers, especially millennials, expecting more out of businesses in terms of ecological sustainability, the pressure is on. These customers will take their money elsewhere if not satisfied by a manufacturer’s environmental track record.

Worse still, the ones who feel strongly enough about it will take to social media and drive even more customers away. Fortunately, managed print services can help manage the use of paper, toner, and energy. These three things have a significant impact. Paper fills up 16% of landfills, which when decomposed releases methane gas that’s 23 times more harmful than carbon dioxide. Print environments are some of the most power-hungry parts of any office.

Some managed print services even help line up remanufactured toner cartridges. Using remanufactured cartridges makes a considerable difference environmentally and can be used as a selling point when marketing a firm’s green initiatives. 

What Are the Advantages of Managed Print Service Solutions for Manufacturers?

Manufacturers can benefit tremendously from the use of a managed print service. As one can infer from the description of these services above, cost-savings are one of the most tangible benefits. Not only do firms save in reduced overhead, supply costs, and energy expenses, they also save on tech support. The cost to host a full-time team of IT professionals to monitor and maintain printers is far too high for most manufacturers. While manufacturing margins are high, expenses are also high, meaning budgets are commonly kept tight.

Managed print services have a lot more to offer the manufacturing industry than savings, however. Here’s a taste of what else these services can do for manufacturing firms.

James Imaging’s Tailored Solutions for Manufacturers

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  • Digital transition – shift to digital and upgrade equipment without disrupting ongoing manufacturing operations
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