Leverage the Power of DocuWare for Your Business

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has placed new restrictions on workplace activities, more businesses than ever are opting for a remote workforce, allowing employees to work from home to maintain a competitive edge while keeping staff safe from harm.

However, for remote teams to be productive, they need access to crucial data. That’s where digitizing, securing, and sharing your business documents can be a critical piece of the workflow and productivity puzzle.

Many companies are choosing document management software to automate and streamline workflows — no matter whether their teams are mobile, remote, or in the office. More businesses than ever are looking to digitally transform their environments, integrating digital technology into all areas of operations to fundamentally change how they deliver value. 

DocuWare — Your Ticket to Digital Transformation

While the COVID-19 crisis has precipitated a move to a more virtual and digital workplace, it’s not the only reason more companies are finding advantages in transforming digitally. 

With DocuWare, a cloud-based document management software, your company can gain a competitive edge from a significant boost in productivity, efficiency, and cost savings.

The Advantages of a Digital Transformation

When documents are digitized through DocuWare, they can be captured, stored, accessed, and managed from any location at any time of day, uniting teams scattered across the globe — or just across town. And DocuWare adds cloud automation to the mix so you can ramp up the efficiency, reduce complexity, and even make your data more secure.

You see, cloud automation gives your employees access to all the information they need in a virtualized environment as if they were sitting at their individual computers at their work desk.

This cloud-based environment gives your business the considerable power of mobility and scalability, so you can pivot easily, regardless of market changes. For small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) the cloud is particularly useful — and cost-effective. 

Traditional technology buying requires an enormous up-front outlay of capital and a significant implementation period typically categorized by disruption. At the end of the day, you won’t know whether your investment is useful until it works — or doesn’t. With DocuWare’s cloud-based workflows, you can adopt digital technology a little at a time, minimizing costs and workflow disruptions. And, you can add technology as you go along, or as your business grows. 

Importantly, the burden of maintenance, repairs, redundancy, and uptime is shifted to your managed services provider so you can focus on what you do best — getting down to business.

How Document Management Benefits Every Aspect of Your Business 

Document management coupled with cloud automation can bring advantages to every department in your company. DocuWare brings proven benefits in the following ways:

  • Human error in manual entry is reduced in processing invoices
  • Human resource staff can easily digitize, store, and access every employee’s records at the touch of a button.
  • Your sales and marketing staff can easily share, edit, and securely store proposals, sales collateral, and contracts
  • Your business information is secure — and redundantly — stored, yet easy for employees with the proper permissions to access

DocuWare works in any browser, so your teams can easily access the information they need to be productive, whether they’re on the road, working from home, or in the office. Free collaboration and productivity apps are included and the DocuWare Process Planner helps you map out the processes that make your business run efficiently — and improve upon them. 

Let James Imaging Introduce Your Business to DocuWare

At James Imaging, we have seen first-hand the business improvements that can be attained using a proven document management software such as DocuWare. 

Once installed, DocuWare will help you convert your paper documents to editable electronic ones, manage version control with a click, enable mobile printing, and securely print or capture data from anywhere.

The DocuWare solution can be customized to meet your business needs and goals and can even help your secure your data better for regulatory compliance — and peace of mind.

Take your mobile, work-at-home, or in-office team to the next level. Reach out to a professional at James Imaging Systems and learn how DocuWare document management software can help transform your business today.