Konica Minolta Healthcare Solutions for Wisconsin Healthcare Providers

Many healthcare providers in the state of Wisconsin are in need of overhauling their print fleets to keep up with the times. The pressure to keep up with technology has never been higher, and regional hospitals can’t afford to fall behind the rest of the country. Here’s what Wisconsin healthcare providers need to know about Konica Minolta and how they can help revolutionize the efficiency of printing operations in healthcare.

Konica Minolta, Bringing Healthcare into the Future

Konica Minolta has a vast array of products and services dedicated to healthcare applications. These products have been shaping the future of the workplace and are bringing Wisconsin healthcare facilities into the future.

Konica Minolta Multifunction Printers and HIPAA Compliance

One of the greatest advantages of Konica Minolta multifunction printers in healthcare facilities is their built-in compliance capabilities. These printers are designed to accommodate and follow the most important of healthcare regulations including HIPAA and HITECH.

Healthcare personnel already have enough stress put on their shoulders to comply with complex medical regulation codes like HIPPAA. Ensuring that all activities are in compliance with these regulations, takes many hours to do manually. Anything that can help simplify these compliance issues is of special interest to hospitals.

Enjoy Superior Security Capabilities, with Konica Minolta Multifunction Printers

Consider the vast amounts of personal and patient medical information that is stored on the printer drives that healthcare professionals use every day. All of that information represents a gold mine for hackers

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JFK Medical Center Grows Strong with Konica Minolta Healthcare Solutions

One of the best ways to weigh an opportunity is to see how it has played out elsewhere. So, hospitals mulling over the idea of overhauling their printing equipment can learn from other hospitals who have succeeded with Konica Minolta products.

JFK Medical Center was in dire need of overhauling its printing equipment. The aging fleet was causing serious performance problems that created bottlenecks that were beginning to affect patient care. The massive glut of administrative and registration tasks was almost at a standstill due to delays in scanning, printing, and other vital functions. Their previous print equipment supplier was also experiencing difficulties in servicing their machines which made matters worse.

Fortunately, JFK Medical Center made the smart choice and partnered with a Konica Minolta supplier like James Imaging. The difference was like night and day. Not only did Konica Minolta supply them with high-quality and well-performing printers, but they also equipped them with special security software that made a huge difference.

Included were authentication, activity tracking, and cost management tools that strengthened JFK Medical Center’s position. Be a success story, with Konica Minolta, speak with a trusted vendor today.

Konica Minolta Wins Awards in Healthcare Cybersecurity and Innovation

The quality of Konica Minolta products has been proven time and time again as they have won multiple awards in healthcare cybersecurity and innovation. In much-deserved recognition of its leadership in healthcare cybersecurity innovations, Konica Minolta was given the prestigious, Best Overall Healthcare CyberSecurity Company award. Designations like these speak volumes and help hospitals know that they’re getting the best equipment for their money.

Finding a Reliable Konica Minolta Vendor

For many healthcare providers in Wisconsin, one of the most difficult aspects of procuring Konica Minolta equipment is finding the right vendor to partner with. With so much variability between vendors, the choice can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, the choice can be made easier with the right information. Konica Minolta vendors like James Imaging are arguably one of the best choices for Wisconsin healthcare centers. They have the best value in terms of price and customer service. More importantly, unlike other companies, James Imaging understands the unique needs of healthcare. The kind of specialized knowledge they offer gives them insights that are hard to find elsewhere.

Shop James Imaging for the Greatest Deals on Konica Minolta Healthcare Solutions

Wisconsin healthcare facilities have a local vendor they can trust in James Imaging. The company has been building a strong reputation for superiority in service and customer care over the years, making it a top-destination for Konica Minolta products.

James Imaging has been serving the needs of Wisconsin healthcare centers and giving them the best deals on Konica Minolta products without compromising on service. Experience the benefits of shopping through James Imaging firsthand.

Don’t hesitate, check out James Imaging today and get the best Konica Minolta products at an unbeatable price.