Increase Jobsite Productivity with Managed Print Services

Documents, both physical and digital, are crucial to communicating with your employees. Without proper communication, too many mistakes could surface. Your scheduling data and contracts are key players in your day-to-day work. If the paperwork feels overwhelming or the printing process seems unbearable, fear not: managed print services can help you out.

Managed print services strive to streamline the printing process so your employees no longer have to worry about a process becoming unnecessarily complicated. Those scattered documents that take up space and run the risk of getting lost can be digitized for easy access for any employee’s viewing. Streamline the process, and you will increase your business’s productivity.

What Does Managed Print Services Entail?

Managed print services call to mind the idea of paper and ink, and while it covers those items, it also entails so much more. Printers, fax machines, copiers, and anything else you may use in the document production process fall under the MPS umbrella. Similarly, people also come with MPS in the form of IT support. Professionals are always on standby to help you troubleshoot anything that goes awry or answer any questions.

If you want to generate more productivity out of your workers, you need to take some of the stress off of them. Especially for those who may struggle with more complicated devices like multifunction printers, the printing process can be exhausting and kill motivation. MPS can remedy that exhaustion through a multitude of features, like:

  • No more fighting: printers can be tricky, and a streamlined process means happier workers who can continue their daily tasks.
  • Customized configuration: as an administrator, you can be in charge of setting rules for how much printing is allowed and by who.
  • Trusted professionals at your call: if something goes awry, an expert can help you solve it so that the workplace isn’t tasked with figuring out a DIY solution.

Through managed print services, the entire process is a breeze. Your workers can go back to focusing on work, and printing becomes just another easy task on the to-do list.

What Managed Print Services Can Do for Wisconsin Construction Firms

Every minute counts. That’s why productivity has been on the rise recently – people have started understanding the value of their time and have begun to maximize their time during the day. The functionality of your printing environment can link to how productive your business can be. Managed print services can eliminate the stress that comes along with printing.

1. Optimize Print Fleet

Managed print services are made up of experts who know your specific printing devices inside and out. By entrusting your print fleet to them, they can maximize the efficiency of each device – that means potentially decreasing your print fleet if you have too many devices, or even upgrading to the next level of a device if it would be more energy- and cost-efficient for your business. A machine that needs repairs is less useful than one that consistently performs well, and MPS can repair or replace any device. MPS looks out for you and aims to keep your business efficient with your budget in mind with their print solutions.

2. Work with Your Budget

Managed print services aren’t going to spend more than you want it to on specific devices and upgrades. Your budget determines everything, meaning the control is with you. These professionals can crunch the numbers to find out if a particular update of a device, while expensive, could be of better use to you in the future based on the costs of ink and paper and repairs for your current device. Your budget determines the extent of MPS's reach, not the other way around.

3. Employee Training

If a new device has recently been added to your print fleet, some employees may struggle with the latest technology. MPS can personally teach each worker how to use a new or existing device and supplement the lesson with some information on better printing practices to hopefully decrease the waste of paper. Through MPS's print solutions, employees can determine with confidence which documents should remain as hard copies and which can be digitized so as not to waste paper – thereby reducing your carbon footprint in the process.

4. Create Better Security Practices

MPS can also optimize your printer’s security, as printer hacks are becoming increasingly common. Of those who experienced a data breach in 2016, around 50% of those leaks were attributed to printer hacks. Through MPS securing your printer, your business productivity can continue as usual – without worrying about the threat of a data breach.

5. Reduce Carbon Footprint

To reduce your carbon footprint, managed print services can take it upon itself to formulate regulations for the print fleet, such as how much someone can print and when. Having rules in place will force workers to be more conscious of their printing habits and think carefully about which items they wish to print.

Improve Business Productivity at Your Wisconsin Firm

With James Imaging’s managed print services, you can rest assured that your worries will be eliminated. Optimizing your devices according to your budget and safeguarding your devices from a malicious hacker is just part of what we do, and we’d love to help your business productivity realize its full potential.

Contact us to learn more about what our managed print services can do for your construction firm.