HP Healthcare Solutions for Wisconsin Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers have many obstacles to their work. Anything that can help dissolve these obstacles and streamline operations is a key advantage. Learn how HP products can revolutionize healthcare organizations and improve patient care in the state of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Healthcare Providers and Technology

The state of Wisconsin is a great place to live, work, and play. Residents are also fortunate to have caring healthcare providers in the area that are dedicated to delivering the best in patient care.

To make good on delivering the best care, healthcare providers need tools to make their jobs easier. When it comes to technology, hospitals cannot afford to fall behind. Here’s what HP can do for healthcare and why using their products makes facilities more efficient.

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What Are HP Healthcare Solutions and What can They do for Wisconsin Healthcare?

HP offers a vast variety of advanced technical gear that can help improve the overall operational efficiency of healthcare facilities. These benefits ultimately trickle down to the patients in the form of superior care.

Not only does the ease of use of HP devices improve healthcare delivery, but also the sheer computing power. HP computers, printers, and other devices are so powerful that a healthcare facility of any size can benefit from their use.

Meet the Future of Efficiency in Medical Facilities, the HP EliteOne 800 G5 23.8-in Healthcare Edition All-in-One with Touch

The HP EliteOne 800 G5 23.8-in Healthcare Edition All-in-One is a beautiful machine, both in terms of design and functionality. These machines are veritable powerhouses that can trigger a dramatic jump in productivity.

The model features a touch screen and simplified single-sign-on with the option of integrated authentication.

Additionally, the ability to sanitize the model every single day helps contribute to significantly fewer hospital contracted infections.

The telemedicine features of the HP EliteOne 800 G5 make it perfect for boosting clinical efficiency. The advantages of this machine cannot be discounted and make it one of the absolute best options for healthcare centers of any size.

Medical centers in Wisconsin can benefit from the impressively competitive pricing on these models, which make them accessible to facilities of all sizes.

HP Healthcare Edition Displays

HP offers a full line of high-quality displays that are specially designed for use in healthcare facilities.

Take the HP Healthcare Edition HC270cr, for example. The model is easy to clean and sanitize, making it a perfect fit for the healthcare environment. Also of note is its impressive integration with HIPAA compliance. With compliance features built in by design, the HP Healthcare Edition HC270cr is a winner among healthcare providers across the board.

With the HP Zero Bright Dot Guarantee, these screens come with a promise to replace any screen if it even a single bright-sub pixel happens to fail.

These displays also feature generous accommodation in rotation and ergonomics. The benefits in ergonomics greatly improve working conditions for healthcare personnel who work long hours with computers.

Discover the Right HP Vendor

Finding the right partner in an HP vendor can be difficult. Knowing where to look however, can make all the difference. Wisconsin based healthcare organizations should look to James Imaging for their HP supplier.

Partnering with the wrong vendor is something that no hospital can afford to do. The losses in time, money, and energy are overwhelming, not to mention the potential complications from restrictive contracts. Service contracts can be ensnaring and hold healthcare centers to unfavorable terms. That’s a strong reason to seek out HP providers with generous terms and fair treatment of customers.

James Imaging builds strong and long-lasting relationships with its customers. Unlike other vendors who concentrate on securing the first sale and then dropping the ball immediately afterward, James Imaging is heavily invested in its clientele.

Make the Right Choice for Patients, Partner with James Imaging to Revolutionize Wisconsin Healthcare

James Imaging is the smart choice for healthcare providers in the state of Wisconsin. The advantages of HP devices such as their touch screen interfaces designed for healthcare like the HP Healthcare Edition HC270cr greatly improve the quality of patient care.

Experience the incredible advantages of HP devices designed for applications in healthcare before it’s too late. Don’t make patients wait another day to enjoy superior care and feel the James Imaging difference.

Experience the power of HP healthcare solutions, with James Imaging. Call today and see what they can do.