How Wisconsin Manufacturers can Boost Productivity with Thermal Barcode Printers

To remain competitive in an industry that’s constantly under cost pressure requires an innovative operational strategy. For manufacturers in Wisconsin, every step in the supply chain presents an opportunity to streamline workflows and gain productivity improvements. Manufacturing technologies continue to evolve and new solutions help companies reduce costs, find new efficiencies, and speed up the entire production lifecycle.

To track everything from the raw materials and components to the final products, thermal printers enable organizations to create barcodes as required. The ability to maintain oversight over all incoming and outgoing goods remains a vital process in the manufacturing industry. Delays to shipments or confusion about what inventory is available can lead to revenue losses and reputational damage. With reliable label printers, Wisconsin manufacturers can ensure they track every item in their product’s critical path.

Thermal Printer Solutions that Drive Productivity Improvements

As production in the US manufacturing industry decreased by 0.8% in 2019 compared to the same period in 2018, every company needs to look for innovative ways to increase efficiency.

Thermal label printers provide companies with the ability to print key information stored in barcodes on a variety of mediums. With an in-house solution, the company reduces the risk of running out of supplies that could lead to production delays. There are different types of thermal printers for the company to choose from with both direct thermal or thermal-transfer printers available.

Direct Thermal Printers

Direct thermal printers apply heat to coated media to produce precision images. The printers do not require any toner or ink supplies, making them a reliable solution for manufacturing processes. There are many benefits to using direct thermal printers.

The benefits of direct thermal printers include:

  • Requires less maintenance and zero ink or toner supplies
  • Reduced operating costs and comes with durable designs
  • A more sustainable solution as it reduces the amount of waste

Using a direct thermal barcode printer is an economical choice for manufacturing companies looking to streamline their material handling processes. Direct thermal printing technology works well for industrial applications where goods flow quickly through the facility’s production lines. 

Thermal-Transfer Printers

Unlike direct thermal devices, thermal-transfer printers heat wax or resin from a ribbon onto a substrate to produce high-definition images. The company will have the ability to produce a wider variety of labels using thermal-transfer printers, although they cost more to operate. One of the biggest concerns with barcode printers is the edge definition. With a thermal-transfer printer, manufacturing companies can produce high-quality barcodes for lifetime identification purposes.

The benefits of thermal-transfer printers include:

  • Greater durability of prints on a variety of media types
  • Ideal for lifetime identification situations on every type of product
  • Produces barcode images able to withstand heat, chemical, or ultraviolet exposure

These printers are perfectly suited for a range of long-term identification purposes. Companies can keep track of their manufactured products, human resources, assets, and vehicles. As barcode technology integrates with existing information management systems, it provides a cost-effective solution to improve the facility’s operational processes.

By reducing the number of errors and improving transparency throughout the facility, the company’s production managers, logistics personnel, warehouse staff, and office workers can focus on their core tasks and responsibilities. If workers have access to electronic information about where goods or supplies are located in the current production cycle, the company reduces the risk of misplacing or moving items to another location by mistake.

Streamline Workflows with Managed Print Services

To further drive process efficiency and reduce operating overheads, manufacturers in Wisconsin should consider making use of a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider. This will give the organization access to the latest printers and other manufacturing technologies in order to increase productivity. With MPS solutions, the company can set a consistent budget for all its barcode production requirements. An MPS solution will ensure all printers, copiers, and scanners operate reliably and they will monitor the fleet of devices remotely.

Managed Print Services will assess the manufacturing company’s print environment and recommend the best solutions to drive down costs and reduce waste. Working with an MPS can also reduce the number of devices required, establish effective controls and security systems while ensuring the company never runs out of essential supplies.

Comprehensive Imaging Solutions for Wisconsin Manufacturers

Since 1977, James Imaging Systems has provided Wisconsin companies with office technologies that improve daily operations and streamline workflows. As the manufacturing industry becomes more competitive, partnering with a comprehensive MPS solution provider can reduce operational overheads leading to greater revenues. James Imaging Systems provides hardware and software solutions that integrate with the organizational processes to increase the company’s overall efficiency.

To gain productivity improvements with the latest manufacturing technologies and thermal printing solutions, speak to one of our friendly agents at James Imaging Systems today.