How to Reduce Operating Costs with Best-In-Class Printing Solutions for Wisconsin Businesses

When it comes to keeping the budget in order, businesses need to take every step they can. That’s especially true for small and medium enterprises that must operate at the same capacity as their larger rivals but at a lower cost. To accomplish this, many businesses turn to streamlining their operating expenses with the right office and printing solutions.

Nowhere is this truer than in Wisconsin. Small businesses are the backbone of Wisconsin’s economy. Some 440,763 small businesses collectively employ 1.2 million people. In this thriving environment, fierce competition makes that streamlined office and budget more important than ever.

James Imaging works with Wisconsin businesses to find printing solutions that help reduce operating costs. Here are five ways that optimizing the print environment with the right hardware and software can help.

5 Strategies for Reducing Operating Costs with Printing Solutions

Printers represent a cornerstone of the modern office and can have tremendous impacts on how efficient (or disorganized) an office becomes. Take care when choosing the best-fit printer and support its operations with the right management solutions. Here are five ways to reduce operating costs with the best printing solutions:

1. Print Faster with Laser Printing

Laser printing uses static electricity to precisely position the toner onto a drum, then heat and fuse it to the paper. The result is a crisp, instantly dried printing created in under a second.

Laser printers are practically synonymous with the modern office. Consider one of these fast, resource-conservative devices for any office that:

  • Has demanding printing needs: A well-positioned laser-printer can speed up workflows.
  • Prints a lot of documents: Laser printing is well-suited to documents because toner doesn’t run and can be placed very precisely.
  • Desires conservative resource use: Laser toner cartridges last longer than inkjet cartridges, are cheaper, and can produce more pages.

2. Get More Done with Multifunction Devices

If the office is still relying on a separate photocopier, printer, scanner, and even fax machine, it’s time to look into consolidating. A multifunction printer does exactly that, housing multiple document functions conveniently under one roof.

Multifunction devices are well-known for their ability to enhance office productivity by making it easier to accomplish everything necessary with a document from one location. Consider a multifunction device because:

  • Fewer devices mean less resource use: Enjoy purchasing less paper and toner, and paying a lower electricity bill.
  • Multifunction devices have wireless connectivity: Print, scan, photocopy, and even fax conveniently from the desk.
  • Centralized printing means faster print jobs: A multifunction printer allows an office to centralize its print environment, accelerating the print environment.

3. Empower the Marketing Team with In-House Wide-Format Printing

Sometimes, bigger is better. That’s true with marketing collateral like flyers and posters that simply aren’t impressive on an 8.5” by 11” piece of computer paper. A wide-format printer can transform a print environment and unlock some truly amazing capabilities, all while reducing the operating budget. For example:

  • Eliminate outsourced print jobs: The most common type of print job to be outsourced involves wide format printing. But that can get expensive, especially if a job needs rushing.
  • Improve control over print jobs: Say goodbye to waiting for mockups to come back or needing to pay to update collateral. Do it right away at the office faster and more efficiently.
  • Enjoy versatility: Many wide format printers are as versatile as their smaller office printer counterparts. Some even have multifunction capabilities to enhance their usefulness.

4. Improve Supply Efficiency with Print Tracking

Having the right device in the office is only half the challenge. The other half involves using it in just the right ways to achieve a reduction in costs. However, print environments frequently represent one of the hardest parts of an office to control because visibility often lacks.

A print management strategy can fix this. By implementing tracking software on the printers, an office can immediately see what’s getting printed, where, when, and by whom. With these insights, an office can:

  • Implement access controls to reduce unnecessary printing
  • Take steps to reduce overall printing and resource consumption
  • Track supply levels and order exactly the supplies needed

5. Streamline Productivity with Managed Print Services

Managing the print environment can be a full-time job but doesn’t need to fall on the office’s shoulders. A managed print service can provide the benefits of an optimized print environment at a fraction of the costs of a more DIY approach. Use a managed print service provider to:

  • Harness more advanced printing capabilities without the acquisition cost
  • Automate supply replenishment
  • Enhance printer security and access control

Wisconsin Businesses Can Get Best-In-Class Printing Solutions from James Imaging

Businesses in Wisconsin seeking ways to reduce their operating expenses have an experienced technology solutions provider who can help. Enjoy the best-in-class printing solutions that transform the office environment and minimize operating expenses to keep the business operating at its best.

Start a conversation now to discuss how James Imaging can help companies achieve operational efficiency.