How to Increase Manufacturing Productivity with a Multifunction Printer

The multifunction printer is the workhorse of the modern office. These versatile, powerful devices are designed to handle it all. From a wide range of print jobs to varying types of professional documents, across an array of environments, a multifunction printer is a smart investment for any office that needs to print.

However, due to their versatility, multifunction printers frequently appear in other work environments that don’t closely resemble offices. One example is the manufacturing sector. Here, a printer might be placed in a warehouse or different industrial settings. That poses its own risks and challenges.

Nonetheless, the right multifunction printer can still prove a formidable asset. Read on to discover how a multifunction printer supports manufacturing operations and the best recommendations from the folks at James Imaging.

How a Multifunction Printer Supports Manufacturing Productivity

Manufacturing has some of the most challenging print environments in existence. These high-traffic, busy operations need information to move quickly, securely, and with minimal downtime. A multifunction printer can be just the right solution. Here’s how.

1. Receive Rock Solid Reliability in Any Environment

Whether in a warehouse or a small office next to a loading dock, a multifunction printer destined for the manufacturing sector isn’t going to see a comfortable, climate-controlled office environment. Instead, it may very well find itself situated in a unit without air conditioning (or heat), where dust or debris frequently gets kicked into the air.

Reliability, therefore, represents one of the most important factors when choosing a multifunction printer for manufacturing. Consider a well-built device such as those offered by Lexmark. These professional devices are capable of withstanding such an environment.

2. Enjoy Better Document Security Across the Board

Security may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering a printer in a manufacturing or production environment. Nonetheless, plenty of sensitive information may still pass across it, and hackers are well aware of the fact that many printers go unsecured in every industry. A data breach can halt production in its tracks, but it can just as easily be prevented.

Whether printing invoices with private information or company secrets such as blueprints, choose a brand known for its commitment to document security. HP has long been known to load some of the most advanced security features onto its devices. Among many of the features include IP filtering, firmware whitelisting, and data encryption to ensure no information is ever stolen.

3. Transform Connectivity with Wireless Integration

HP estimates that there are 30 million internet-connected MFPs helping businesses operate every day. It’s specifically the ability of these printers to integrate and connect the modern workplace has allowed them to become invaluable assets in any office.

Integration software allows users to access the full capabilities of a multifunction device from their workstation, sending and receiving jobs at the click of a mouse. It also helps create a seamless environment in which users can move documents from other industry-specific software platforms to and from printers securely.

For manufacturing, that connectivity can accelerate operations and make it easier for all departments to stay on the same page. Lexmark, HP, Konica Minolta, and Toshiba all offer these capabilities.

4. Score More Business with Professional Printing

The quality of printed materials makes an impression. In business, those impressions can lead to (or cost) sales. However, manufacturing or distribution offices are frequently focused on producing products well and correctly – and getting it out the door. When there’s reliability, security, and efficiency to worry about, quality might seem arcane.

However, manufacturing environments benefit from the presence of a multifunction printer capable of high-quality output. From professional-looking invoices to purchase catalogs with compelling visuals, the right printer can help a company capture more clients and more business.

Consider Konica Minolta’s bizhub series. These sleek, powerful, and robust machines boast the reliability of other leading brands but are specifically designed to help businesses make a professional impression with their printed materials.

5. Print Faster, More Efficiently

Manufacturing and distribution environments are frequently fast-paced ecosystems where operations need to remain agile and responsive. They don’t have time for a printer that takes several minutes to complete a print job.

Multifunction printers represent some of the fastest and most efficient devices on the market. Laser printing minimizes the amount of toner used while allowing breathtaking speeds of up to 80 pages per minute. If such speeds are a priority, consider Lexmark’s monochrome MFPs, which easily achieve rates over a page per second.

Keep Calm and Manufacture On with James Imaging

The right printer can make or break any office, and that’s true in manufacturing too. A good multifunction printer can not only provide the security, efficiency, and connectivity that a distribution warehouse needs to function but also withstand the potentially harsh environments that it may face.

James Imaging is thrilled to offer a wide selection of options from leading printer manufacturers. Don’t leave the manufacturing print environment up to chance. Get the right device the first time.

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