How to Find a Printer Repair Service You Can Trust

If you haven’t experienced it already, there will come a time when you wrestle with your printer. Printers seem to know when the worst possible time is for them to malfunction. Due to frustration, around 75% of people get rid of their printers within the first few years of owning them. Some printers may be tricky to work with, but multifunction printers and other devices are worth the hassle, especially in a busy office. Most issues can be handled with a little research, but there are some tasks best left to the professionals. When it comes to your important print fleet, you should leave the troubleshooting in the hands of a proven printer repair service.

Why Rely on a Professional for Printer Maintenance?

A professional company will always strive to give you the best service possible, whether your printer needs an ink replacement or if it has an issue that goes far deeper. Experts are experts for a reason. They:

  • Know your devices inside and out. They’ve worked with them and are skilled in finding solutions.
  • Train on how to keep your printing environment healthy. They know when to fix and improve a device and when to turn it in for an upgraded model.
  • Perform routine checkups and preventative maintenance. Trusting a professional with preventative checkups can ensure that your devices are optimized.

To receive perfect service, you have to rely on a professional, not a do-it-yourself method. With DIY methods come risks like damaging your devices or accidentally making matters worse. Experts can also make recommendations to increase the efficiency of your print fleet – creating a lighter load for your budget.

What to Look for in Expert Support for Your Print Fleet

Once you realize that it’s more effective to rely on a professional, it’s time to find a repair service that you know you can depend on. When looking for a repair service that can improve your efficiency and work productivity, there are a variety of factors you need to take into account.

1. Understands the Risks of Printers

Any printer or copier repair professional will recognize the risk to cybersecurity that these devices can pose, and they will also know how to mitigate these risks to protect your office from a data breach. The average data breach costs a business around $3.92 million. Recovering from a setback of that caliber is no easy feat, so having a professional trained to lessen that risk is crucial.

An expert maintenance repair service will also know your print fleet inside and out. They’ll understand all the makes and models and the typical problems that come along with each. They’ll be equipped to troubleshoot the problem no matter the type of printer you have – making them true experts.

2. Capable of Remote Support

Of course, no service will be there for physical support in the blink of an eye. When you take travel into account, or even trying to reach someone on the phone, it’s going to take time to repair your printer if it has an internal issue – time that you might not have. That’s precisely why remote support capability is essential: without it, your issue may not get fixed promptly. With remote support, the expert team you’ve enlisted can repair whatever problem pops up within your devices as soon as it happens, maybe even before you know it’s there.

3. Evaluates Printer Usage

True, trusted experts could evaluate how often you use your print fleet and all the devices that go along with it. You might be paying for something that you don’t even need! With the ever-increasing prices of printing materials, there’s no room to expand an already bloated budget. An expert repair service can help you cut costs for older, possibly outdated devices and help you find a way to decrease spending on consumable items like paper and ink.

Maybe you have more printers than you need, or perhaps the time for a copier repair you asked for is better used in finding a new, more efficient model. Your trusted service can guide you on current devices and future purchases while ensuring that your printing environment remains healthy.

Make the Choice for Better Printer Maintenance and Copier Repair

You should always be able to trust the people handling the precious devices you use in your daily life. Relying on a service that can support you no matter the problem is the key. When it comes to exceptional service, James Imaging is a step above the rest. Lean on our trusted experts for your every need, large or small, and maybe learn a bit about your print fleet in the process.

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