Document Management Solutions for Wisconsin Law Firms

Wisconsin law firms need to catch up to their peers in the North East. For many, that means either upgrading or outright overhauling the way they handle their documents. Here’s what decision makers in legal offices need to know about document management systems and how they are revolutionizing firms across the globe.

What are Document Management Systems?

Document management systems are essential tools that have been increasing in popularity since the spike in digital transformations. With tons of documents being shifted from physical storage in file cabinets to electronic storage, the need for document management systems has become quite prominent.

These systems help manage the access, retrieval, storage, and manipulation of documents in digital format. By providing reliable backups, they are also life-savers when it comes to disaster recovery. The technology makes it affordable to keep many separate backups of all electronically stored documents.

DMS options that integrate and work seamlessly with compliance regulations that are common in the legal profession are also available.

Advantages of Document Management systems for Wisconsin Law Firms

Legal firms are in a unique position to benefit from document management systems. One of the biggest and most palpable advantages of these systems is the savings in both time and money. Normally it could take the average paralegal hours to find all of the documents required through a day’s work. With a DMS however, they can perform the same work in a fraction of the time, leaving them free to complete more important tasks.

Furthermore, the cost savings of having a DMS are irresistible. It makes document storage cheaper as it’s made easier to manage and store electronically. Another major benefit is the extraordinary level of control that these systems afford. Legal firms are in full control of their documents in their totality when using a DMS to manage them all. Features like version control and tracking are typical of the best document management systems like those offered by James Imaging.

Convenience is also a huge factor in what makes a DMS a perfect solution for legal offices. Data can be captured, and documents can be securely printed from virtually anywhere.

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Advantages of Mobile Printing

Mobile printing is another huge advantage of any DMS worth its salt. The ability to print from mobile devices is an essential feature for legal professionals on the go. Don’t miss out on this exceptionally useful technology.

Easily Edit Documents with a DMS

A DMS can also make it easy for users to edit files by converting paper documents to editable electronic format. Being able to convert paper documents into a form that can be edited is an incredibly useful feature that anyone working in the legal arena will readily appreciate.

Managed Print Services, an Essential Add-on

Law firms have overwhelming amounts of paper flowing through their offices every day. While much of this paperwork will also be stored electronically, requiring the use of a DMS, printing is there to stay. Despite the uptick in electronic documents, legal firms will continue to print in large volumes, meaning that managed print service should be tagged onto the DMS.

The Pros of Having a Document Management System in a Legal Office

Consider how much personally identifiable information passes through the office every day. Couple that thought with the challenges of managing literally thousands of documents. With concerns ranging from access control, redactions, accuracy, manageability, and security all at stake, a DMS is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.

When a legal office doesn’t use a document management system, costly and potentially ruinous mistakes can occur. The biggest vulnerability will be the insufficiencies in security, leaving client information in danger of theft and misuse. Without the advanced security features of a DMS, client information is left potentially unguarded, presenting a ripe target.

Printing expenses in law firms take up a jaw-dropping amount of revenue, meaning that with no managed print service to keep costs in check, firms will lose money every day. Managed services make printing much more efficient and drive costs down, making firms markedly more competitive.

Meet James Imaging, the Premier Choice in Document Management Systems

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