Choose Managed Print Services for Sustainability in Business

Sustainability in business has been a buzzword for over a decade. Mainly referring to the green initiatives which a company embraces, it’s become much more than an innovative way to gain a competitive edge.

As awareness of climate change surges, sustainability is fast becoming an expected feature of a company’s landscape. Businesses worldwide spent over $450 billion on energy and sustainability initiatives in 2018 – a record projected to be broken in 2019.

5 Benefits of Managed Print Services & How They Support Sustainability in Business

Managed print services are well-known for their ability to inspire operational efficiency in an office, but they’re also great for companies seeking to embrace sustainable business. Here are five ways that an MPS encourages environmental and economic sustainability in an office.

1. An MPS Decreases Reliance on Printing

According to the EPA, paper constituted 25.9 percent of the 262.43 million pounds of waste generated in the US alone in 2018 – and only about 67 percent of that was recycled. A significant portion of this came from office workers. A study on paper usage by the EPA found that the average American office worker prints around 10,000 sheets (20 reams) of paper each year. The study also noted that the US uses almost 30 percent of the world’s paper in business and private use combined.

Reducing paper usage in an office is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to reduce a company’s environmental footprint. An MPS provider can help companies develop strategies to leverage digital tools and reduce printing altogether.

2. Process Efficiency Supports Sustainability

For businesses, sustainability doesn’t just include environmental initiatives. It also involves ensuring that business processes are functional in the long run. Embedded sustainability focuses on improving business processes in a way that makes them better for the people, planet, and community.

A managed print service helps a company cut out unnecessary steps or devices from the print environment. By streamlining the print environment, businesses enjoy:

  • Decreased consumption of resources. An office uses just what it needs and nothing extra.
  • Reduced overhead. Say goodbye to unnecessary software, inefficient machines, or the wrong tools for the job.
  • Predictive and preventative maintenance. A mapped-out print environment makes it easy to keep maintenance schedules proactive.

3. Make a Professional Impression That Supports Customer Expectation

Ever receive a letter from an office with ink smudges and streaks running through the text? It doesn’t look great. A managed print service helps a company get its printing game in order so that employees always have the documents or forms they need at their fingertips, and those documents reflect the company’s professional standing.

Among the many services that a good MPS provider offers include assistance with finding the correct printing consumables. When making that professional impression, a managed print service provider can help guide a company on things like paper or ink selection. Whether that means using tree-free paper or printing double-sided, it’s an opportunity to send a statement about a company’s commitment to going green.

That matters. A 2018 report by Nielsen found that the overwhelming majority of consumers now make their purchasing decisions based on how sustainable a company is.

4. Reduce Overhead Expenses with an MPS

A famous study by the IDC once found that printing tends to consume between one and three percent of a company’s annual operating expenses. In contrast, their research found that bringing on board a managed print service can help reduce that overhead by 20 to 30 percent.

A big part of staying economically viable in today’s world lies in cutting costs as much as possible. Businesses have a responsibility to their stakeholders – customers, employees, investors, and community – to remain profitable. By reducing overhead expenses with an MPS, a company fulfills that responsibility.

5. Achieve Sustainability by Mitigating Risk

Along the lines of reduced overhead costs come the genuine benefit of an MPS to manage and mitigate risk – particularly security breaches. As many as 60 percent of businesses shutter after a cyberattack. Likewise, all manner of sensitive information passes through the company printer, but it’s routinely overlooked when considering security.

An excellent managed print service will help close any holes in a company’s security plan by securing the print environment. In the era of cybercrime, an unsecured climate is an unsustainable one because it’s not a matter of if but when.

Choose Sustainability in Business with James Imaging

Companies that question why sustainability is essential often overlook the crucial fact that sustainability is about much more than using biodegradable coffee cups in the breakroom. In business, sustainability is a paradigm that influences the way a company thinks about and undertakes its most critical business processes. It’s also a reflection of how companies see themselves in the context of the wider community.

According to Nielsen, companies that embrace sustainability in their business processes routinely outperform their competition. That’s why sustainability is important. It’s not just good for the earth, it’s good for business, too.

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