Best Wide-Format Printers for AEC Firms

The Architectural, Engineering, and Construction industry relies on daily prints of large format drawings and blueprints. Deciding on what is the best wide-format printers for AEC firms requires additional considerations before investing. Modern wide-format printers come with greater efficiencies and a wider variety of features, all geared towards improving efficiency and reducing the associated costs.

Depending on the needs of the project, printers may need to operate in harsher environments (such as temporary site offices), which requires a robust frame and body. Due to the likelihood of exposing the drawings and designs to the elements, prints require more durable paper and inks. Finding a cost-effective solution that operates reliably under these circumstances can be complicated.

KIP leads the way in the AEC wide-format printing market with cost-effective designs that effectively address the problems AEC firms face daily. They provide platforms that focus on line accuracy for engineering designs (at a lower cost per print), as well as bright color printers for architects to produce banners or posters of their 3D renderings.

Benefits of Wide-Format Printers and Plotters for AEC Firms

Project lifecycles go through many stages before any construction work starts. During these iterations, architects, engineers, and clients regularly review the drawings and make recommendations that lead to design changes. The impacts and downstream effects of these changes on subsequent drawings require careful management to ensure accuracy. Similarly, no printed copy of the designs should contain any blurs or streaks that can lead to confusion. With the right large format printer, firms can achieve greater efficiencies and leverage technology for increased productivity.

Increased Printing Speeds

Due to the high levels of accuracy required by AEC firms, older plotters and wide-format printers were quite slow. Modern printers can produce hundreds of drawings per hour at a consistent quality. When the firm finalizes the designs and the project reaches the submission or issuing phase, firms can be required to print a large number of drawings (often in duplicate). The KIP 600 Series of wide-format printers can deliver up to 360 A1-sized drawings per hour in color, or black and white. The resolutions of each drawing remain consistent while their proprietary Contact Control Technology (CCT) manages the placement of every pixel on the page, guaranteeing the highest levels of precision and accuracy.

Reduced Waste and Greater Print Efficiency

The Engineering and Construction industries rely on many drawings to complete their daily tasks. The costs associated with the number of prints can quickly add up, and firms need to ensure they reduce waste and find greater efficiency per print. The latest range of KIP wide-format solutions will use less ink and consume less power for every print. As customers continue to value environmental sustainability, the KIP series of plotters and printers have reduced carbon footprints and come with instant startup times from standby. With energy-efficient print, sleep, and standby settings, the firm will also benefit from reductions in their energy bills.

Enhanced Office Productivity

Apart from the integrated scanner units to capture markups or review comments quickly, workflow automation software can reduce the number of prints required and improve collaboration between teams. With KIP’s Workflow Automation software, staff can print mixed images and size, rotate, or collate images directly on the touch screen. As these printers integrate with existing software solutions, review and approval cycles speed up and digital workflows ensure the consistent execution of the process every time.

The ImagePro color management solution helps teams manage the requirements for each print on the fly. Additionally, with cloud-enabled printing, staff can access their designs from anywhere and ensure they only print what’s necessary, reducing the number of wasteful prints. KIP’s range of printers also come in compact designs that require a smaller physical footprint in the office or at the site. Furthermore, the wide-format printers support different types of inks for improved durability, including waterproof, UV, heat, and friction-resistant prints.

KIP System K Software

For seamless control over every drawing and print, KIP System K comes as standard with every wide-format printing system. The System K application delivers enhanced security, complete print system management, and cloud-enabled access and storage. The software is customizable and easily maps to the existing company workflows. With the 12.1-inch touchscreen, staff can quickly navigate through the drawing files and view them in high-definition before releasing the print at the device.

James Imaging for Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Wide-Format Solutions

Apart from the hardware solutions from KIP, other software solutions such as Bluebeam Revu can improve the firm’s efficiency and overall productivity. James Imaging can assist firms with making the right technology decisions for AEC firms to reduce overheads and improve their daily workflows. When teams need to capture field changes quickly and efficiently, James Imaging can provide a comprehensive technology stack that ensures fast and accurate turnarounds for architects, designers, and engineers.

To discuss your wide-format technology requirements, speak with one of James Imaging’s experts today.