5 Reasons Your School Needs Managed Print Services

Managed print services deliver significant benefits to any environment that uses printers, especially schools. These high-traffic facilities have among some of the most demanding print environments out there. From the hundreds of pages of homework that get printed daily to the rapid administrative processes behind the scenes, a managed print service can help an education institution keep pace with these printing needs without blowing the budget.

Struggling with controlling a school’s printing expenses or maintaining adequate infrastructure to meet students’ needs? Consider managed print services. Here’s how they can help.

5 Ways Managed Print Services Benefit Schools

There are few industries out there that rely on their printers as much as the average university or high school. However, education institutions face several unique challenges in their printing environment not experienced by other organizations. Here’s how managed print services directly address those challenges.

1. Secure Printing at the Source

In an office, it’s easy to prevent physical access to printers or digital access to a few user accounts. Schools are a different environment entirely. The average college campus is a high traffic environment where it’s almost impossible to control or track precisely who is there. That creates a tremendous challenge to monitoring and securing devices, internet networks, or other productivity-enhancing assets.

A managed print service can help address this challenge by introducing security at the source – that is, securing the printer itself. Many schools require students and faculties to log into user accounts or enter passwords before releasing a print job. That ensures that only the people who should have access to the printer do, regardless of how many people may be in the vicinity at any given moment.

2. Track and Control Printing Easily

Printing is a major – and often unknown – expense for most companies. Most universities need a fleet of printers to support the student body adequately. Campus offices also rely on these devices. Likewise, both groups need to print documents like records and essays routinely.

Managed print services know how to implement tracking software like PaperCut to see what printers get used the most and by whom. With such software in place, the provider can immediately gain insight into:

● What devices are overburdened or not utilized enough

● What departments print the most or the least

● What users or user groups do the most printing

Such information makes it easier to rein in any unbridled printing that is driving up costs. It also helps provide information to make improvements to productivity by redeploying devices in a more sensible, efficient way.

3. Unlock Features for Students and Staff

The average multifunction printer does a lot more than just print. Many features on the market come with enhanced functions like scanning to digital locations or support for mobile devices. These features were designed to support rigorous, streamlined office workflows and they can be extremely helpful in schools, too.

Managed print service providers know the machines they recommend well and can guide schools towards the best features for an environment. For example, many students carry mobile phones. Mobile printing lets them print papers or course material from their phones. Likewise, advanced integration capabilities help faculty process paperwork faster, with fewer errors.

4. Scale to Fluctuating Enrollment

Unlike an office environment, the number of people on campus from day to day or term to term can fluctuate significantly. That makes it hard to estimate exactly how much technology is necessary to meet the institution’s needs. When it comes to printing, a school typically over or underestimates its needs, leading to either strained infrastructure or devices that never get used.

A managed print service provider can help install a printer fleet that scales to fluctuating enrollment. It may involve strategies like:

Strategic redeployment of devices according to usage: Sometimes, simply moving a printer to a better location can help alleviate bottlenecks.

Centralized printing: Centralized printing keeps an environment efficient no matter how demanding the printing needs.

Choosing the right devices: The right multifunction printer can meet budget and printing needs.

5. Reduce Internal IT Burden

A school campus is one of the harshest environments to provide IT support. Not only is the technology subject to much rougher handling at the hands of students but there are typically more devices, more complex network configurations, and more security risks. That doesn’t even consider the fact that most IT departments also provide tech support to students and faculty.

A managed print service takes over most of the printer-related issues, reducing the load of the campus IT department. By handling maintenance, mitigating the chances for downtime, and taking over supply management, the school’s IT staff have more time to focus on what matters.

Get Managed Print Services This Semester With James Imaging

Managed print services are a smart choice for any school that wants to streamline its printing environment in the most cost-effective way possible. Such services can positively impact a school’s operating budget, printing infrastructure, and administrative processes. James Imaging is thrilled to provide managed print services for campuses of every level in Wisconsin.

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