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Scan to Drive – Helping Businesses Take the Cloud to the Next Level

Speed and efficiency are the primary drivers of productivity. An organization’s flow of information through the business usually relies on creating, routing, approving, and archiving documents [...]

Optimizing Print Fleets in Wisconsin With Managed Print Services

Most companies consider printing an essential function that has a solid impact on workflows, productivity, and profitability — all elements that strengthen bottom lines for improved economic [...]

Scan to Cloud — Advantages, Security, and Cost Savings

While more businesses are turning to digital processes to streamline workflows and cut down on physical storage space, there are still plenty of paper documents necessary for companies to function [...]

How Secure is Your Business from Cyber Attacks When You Have Remote Workers?

The COVID-19 pandemic is the first major pandemic to strike during the digital age and has highlighted many business’ cybersecurity issues.

How to Create a Multi-Function Home Office for Outstanding Productivity

In 2017, the work-from-home trend was on the rise, with nearly 8 million Americans working from home office spaces. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, that number has escalated as more employers [...]

How Do Your Office Sustainability Initiatives Stack Up Against the Competition?

Office sustainability is a major focus of companies around the world. As the conversation around climate change and environmental conservation ramps up, companies – and consumers – are looking for [...]

Why a Document Management System is the Best Office Spring Cleaning Tool

Documents are everywhere – businesses sure know how to generate a lot of them. From internal communications to invoices and customer forms, the vast majority of business operations occur in [...]

How to Increase Manufacturing Productivity with a Multifunction Printer

The multifunction printer is the workhorse of the modern office. These versatile, powerful devices are designed to handle it all. From a wide range of print jobs to varying types of professional [...]

How to Reduce Operating Costs with Best-In-Class Printing Solutions for Wisconsin Businesses

When it comes to keeping the budget in order, businesses need to take every step they can. That’s especially true for small and medium enterprises that must operate at the same capacity as their [...]

Increase Jobsite Productivity with Managed Print Services

Documents, both physical and digital, are crucial to communicating with your employees. Without proper communication, too many mistakes could surface. Your scheduling data and contracts are key [...]